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Be More Yoga

If you want less stress, just be more yoga

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The second of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is Yogas Chitta Vrittinirodhha — this we understand as the regular practice of yoga can ease the fluctuations or whirlpools of the mind. The chittam, or mind, and the the Vrittis, are thoughts and emotions from memories, worries or regrets that can add to feelings of being stressed.

Yoga has always been known to calm the mind and settle anxiety; the physical practice helps us to focus our attention, which in turn allows the mind to settle.

Stress affects us all — we’re so aware of the whole world thanks to the internet. But in the past we only had our immediate surroundings to consider. Now we get stressed about the whole planet!

Stress can affect our immune system too. When we get a prolonged increase in cortisol levels from stress it causes an inflammatory response which may compromise our immune system.

So what can be done about it? Be more yoga!

“We’ve created a calming environment here at Be Yoga,” says Bryony Hamerton. “We often say we don't care if you can’t touch your toes, as the competitive nature of modern gymnastics-style yoga can make people even more stressed; new students worry that they’re too old or not flexible Be more yoga If you want less stress, just be more yoga enough to practice.”

Every yoga class at Be Yoga is about relieving stress. Whether it’s moving dynamically to reduce cortisol, or being skilfully guided by an experienced teacher into relaxation.

“We're not relaxing when we're scrolling on our phones, even listening to a podcast is engaging our brain. Relaxation or savasana in yoga is real rest. We consciously relax mind and body, slowing our breathing and bringing us into the parasympathetic state of our nervous system where we can start to recover and heal from the effects of long-term stress.”

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