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Are you ready for yoga teacher training?

How to know when and if you're ready to embark on a yoga teacher training course. By Sylvia Garcia

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How do you know you are ready for something? Is it a fleeting thought or a big passion for something that you want to learn more about? Either of these might ring true...and you might also find yourself somewhere in the middle. And those little vocies of imposter syndrome can still make their way into the equation.

The truth is the idea of starting something new like enrolling onto a yoga teacher training course only really begins once you are ready. Despite feelings of doubt and uncertainty, subconsciously that curiosity has arisen because the timing is right and having the thought arise is the very first step.

It is important to set realistic expectations for your training course. Will it teach you everything there is to know about yoga teaching? Probably not. Will it give you a good foundation and open up elements of a yoga practice that are new to you? Absolutely!

Undecided? Here is what I suggest:

  • Look at who is teaching the course, the content, the focus points and the prerequisites.
  • Check if the dates work with yourschedule.
  • What accreditation is offered and is it recognised in countries you want to teach in?

You don’t have to quit working and change your life completely once you commit to a yoga teacher training course. This can be a gradual process and doesn’t even have to be something you do with the aim to teach. It’s a fantastic way of really deepening your practice, learning about the history and philosophy behind yoga and delving into the anatomy and physiology of body and  movement. It will show you the parts of yoga you are particularly interested in and can ignite new passions as well as highlighting areas that aren’t enticing to you. If becoming a full-time yoga teacher is the end goal, find a course that will guide you through a progressive and realistic process to help you do so.

Some questions you might ask yourself if you feel unsure:

  • Do I feel passionate about my yoga practice?
  • Do I feel like this is something I could be good at with the correct support and guidance?
  • Do I talk about or want to talk about yoga with my friends and family often?
  • Do I constantly look at people and think yoga could really help this person?
  • Am I ready for a new challenge?

Take the pressure off having to make this a life-changing decision. If it feels right, go for it! Do your research, make sure you find a course that works for you and enjoy this next chapter!

Sylvia Garcia has been teaching yoga internationally for over 20 years. For more information about classes, retreats and teacher training email or find her on socials @sylviasyoga.
Photography by Jonny Moore, We Are Flamingo.

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