Spiritual Path

A Free Heart Chooses it's own Spiritual Path

Navigating the Diverse Paths with Unity as the Final Destination- By James Adams

Reading time: 3 minutes

"All roads lead to Rome" as the saying goes. A saying that holds much relevance when applied in a spiritual context.

Life is a diverse spectrum of experiences. Yet hidden within the diversity is unity. A paradox of sorts, yet the heart has no issues discerning this truth.

The soul has the freedom to choose it's own path, knowing that the final destination is always home. The soul is the artist painting it's very own masterpiece.

There is no right or wrong road to take. However I would be inclined to exercise the following caution…

Watch out for the road that goes past your mother is laws house.

I joke of course. Mother in laws lead you home too, maybe after some helpings of humble pie and a few life lessons.

From a human perspective, the dimension of duality looks at choices as good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral. Humans have a tendency to label such experiences when seeing them from a dualistic lens, thus creating a sense of separation. From a non dualistic perspective, experiences just - are.

Applying this to a spiritual context, the spiritual path is a personal one. It is also a free one. There is no right or wrong spiritual path. There is but one ingredient to cultivating a healthy and effective spiritual path…

Self awareness

Everything else is free will.

Labelling another's spiritual beliefs or practices as "less valid" or "wrong" is just another manifestation of ego. Being part of a religious, yogic or spiritual community does not make a person more "spiritual" than someone who prefers to meditate at home, or even someone who has no spiritual practice but leads a highly moral life.

Reading yoga articles is a strong indication that your path is flourishing just fine.

Yoga may not even be a part of someone else's journey. That is fine too.

Within the vast spaces of unity lies a multitude of spiritual paths, each holding the same, equal validity. The wave is never separated from the ocean.

James Adams

Student of life