Connecting to Worlds Unseen

The Journey to Experiencing Worlds Unseen - By Shannon Wysocki

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In 2015, I was going through a very challenging time and was looking for peace. This is when I truly, consciously began my spiritual journey. Over the years I dove deeper and deeper into my spiritual practices, beginning with meditation and yoga, and over time expanded into other modalities such as astrology, energy healing, shamanic journeying and transfiguration. I didn’t know where any of this work was taking me, but I intuitively knew the journey was going somewhere. As the years ticked by, I stayed deeply and steadfastly committed to my spiritual practices.  It was a slow and steady process of healing, raising my frequency, connecting to my soul, and tuning into higher realms. I never could have known that this work was preparing me for discovering unseen worlds that would blow my mind (and life) wide open.

The spiritual journey teaches us that love exists all around us and within us. We learn that love is in fact our very essence.  We stop trying to find love outside of ourselves and begin cultivating a deep reservoir of love within us. When we open to love, our soul’s true nature, not only does it create an expansive state of consciousness within ourselves, it also expands what we believe is possible for us and our lives. We wake up to the fact that there is so much more to our existence than this ordinary physical reality. We find the truth in the often quoted statement, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Many people live their lives as if this material physical reality is the only thing that is real. Anything they can’t see, touch, smell, taste, or hear simply doesn’t exist and is of no significance for them. And this is sad because it cuts one off from the soulful and magical parts of life.  It’s when we learn that it is our birthright to bring the spiritual into physical form that life really starts to become interesting, meaningful and full of surprise.

What’s more, our thoughts and beliefs create our realities, and when we cultivate strong beliefs in mystery and magic, and worlds unseen, we begin to experience a subtle synchronistic flow in our lives. As the saying goes, “where focus goes, energy flows”. It’s when we begin to dream our beautiful visions into being that worlds beyond this earthly world take notice and start mirroring our thoughts and beliefs back to us in our everyday lives. This is the energy of miracles.

Another spellbinding thing I’ve learned along my spiritual journey is that inspiration strikes when our soul tunes into an energy from the unseen worlds. The word inspiration itself literally translates to, “in spirit”. When we find ourselves suddenly deeply fascinated and inspired by something that was of no particular interest before, it is likely the result of spirit connecting with us.

For me personally, by way of example, inspiration came in the form of painting when I suddenly became fascinated with painting out of the blue. Before this, I never considered myself an artist and had not touched a paintbrush since childhood. But, I strangely felt an inexplicable and intense pull towards painting. It wasn’t long until I found myself captivated by the artistic painting process.

I assumed that I would never understand where the strong pull to painting came from, but there was a mind bending twist that helped me discover the source. It was not long after becoming captivated with painting that I traveled on sabbatical to Bali, Indonesia and promptly connected with the spirit of a famous painter that lived in the 1800s in Venice, Italy. As I describe in my spiritual memoir, A Brush with Worlds Unseen, my initial reaction to this discovery was one of shock, disbelief and excitement:

How crazy is this?  I fall in love with painting out of the blue…and feel strongly pulled to travel the world, and now I’m being tapped by the spirit of a famous Venetian painter from the 1800s, while I’m at an ashram in Bali?”

It has now been over three years since my fateful brush with worlds unseen in Bali and I can confidently say it has changed my views on life and death forever. My journey has taken me on a wild ride, full of many ups and downs. It has taught me to accept and embrace the full range of life’s experiences, sparking a deep  transformation within. That’s the beauty of walking a spiritual journey and living a spirit-led life, it will teach you things you never knew you never knew.


Shannon Wysocki

Shannon Wysocki is a spiritual seeker, world traveler, adventurer, dreamer, and author of the spiritual memoir, “A Brush with Worlds Unseen”.