9 Ways to Switch Up Your Yoga Routine for Increased Motivation

9 Ways to Switch Up Your Yoga Routine for Increased Motivation

Keep Your Yoga Routine Fresh and Engaging - By Beth Rush

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There are various factors that practitioners can tweak to ensure that their yoga routine is still fun and fulfilling.

Adopting and performing a yoga routine every day can prove to be beneficial. For some people, it can be a period where they can unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Others find solace in yoga because it lets them distract themselves from other factors in their life. That said, it’s natural to experience a few slumps with your motivation.

Taking a break from your yoga routine can be good, but a prolonged gap can make the activity even more challenging to get back into. To keep the momentum going, change things up.

1. Try Different Yoga Poses

Some people may become less motivated by their yoga routine because of the constant repetition. Add some spice by incorporating new yoga poses that can drive you to work better. You can pick more relaxed poses like the Downward Dog and Tree position. If you want a challenge, try the King Pigeon Pose.

2. Focus on the Mindfulness Portion

Yoga goes beyond stretching and posing. At its core, it practices mindfulness, which can help lessen anxiety and depression and improve one’s quality of life. Try to explore focusing on this portion throughout your routine by meditating. Some practitioners also find reading quotes and texts on yoga can help with mindfulness.

3. Change Up Your Yoga Time

Used to doing your yoga routine during the mornings on weekdays? Do it during the later afternoon on a weekend for a change of pace. Think of it as stretching and shifting your body clock a bit. You can also consider doing yoga a little more spontaneously.

4. Do Your Routine Outdoors

When you don’t feel like changing the when, move the where. Bring your yoga routine outside into public spaces like the playground or a beach. The sunlight can provide a lot of vitamin D, reducing cancer cell growth and inflammation. Plus, it can be motivating to have the outdoor scenery with you.

5. Utilize Props

Many yogis encourage beginners to utilize props like pillows and blocks to help complete different yoga poses. However, their support is also an excellent way to switch up your routine. Bring them over to lean on during slower days.

6. Invite Other People to Yoga

Two is better than one, so invite others to do yoga with you. You can bond with a partner, friend or family member as you teach them your routine. Bring your child for the ride too, if they are interested in the activity.

7. Visit Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes can be a new way to do your yoga. Attend and meet like-minded people. And if you’re feeling some anxiety, there are some yoga and meditation apps that you can use as a companion.

8. Play Background Music

If you’re the type of person who usually does their yoga routine without anything playing in the background, change things up. Classical music can provide some nice ambient noise, but you can also play a pop playlist if you’d like.

9. Write Your Thoughts in a Diary

Some interesting thoughts can pop up while you do your yoga. However, most people forget 56% of their brain’s information after an hour. Remedy this by writing down what you think about in a diary. Seeing yoga as a brain exercise and an avenue for creativity can be motivating.

Switching up the elements of doing yoga can make a big difference in staying motivated. Plus, you might discover something about yourself along the way. Take the leap to stay consistent with your routine and keep your love for yoga alive.

Beth Rush

Beth is the mental health editor at Body+Mind. She has 5+ years of experience writing about behavioral health, specifically mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.