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5 reasons home yoga is here to stay

They say home is where the heart is — perhaps home is where the yoga shala is too! Heather Sheldon looks at why home-based practice is here to stay

This past year saw many yoga teachers make a reluctant change from teaching studio classes to teaching online. I was one of those yoga teachers.

I pushed against it; I didn’t think it would be the same experience for my clients. I thought something would be lost.

But I was wrong. With a shift in mindset and a little guidance from the Yoga Sutras our online classes aren’t just surviving, they are thriving. And none of my clients want to go back!

Below are five tips based on logic principles to help your online practice flourish:

  1. Kritajna…start with gratitude

Every time you set foot on your mat give thanks for the space you are in. The space that is not only keeping you safe and healthy, but the space that enables your practice to be what you need. Perhaps it’s Yin Yoga in your pyjamas, perhaps it’s privately letting tears stream down your face in Savasana, or maybe it’s enjoying yoga nidra in your bed before falling asleep. Your home can adapt to whatever you need, and that’s amazing.

  1. Santosa…accepting where you are

The early days of moving to an online practice — flowing with the kids running in and out of the room, the delivery man at the door or the dog jumping on you — can feel frustrating and distracting. Santosa, or practicing acceptance in being at peace with your surroundings, takes time but — when it clicks, it’s magic! Perhaps the environment isn’t as controlled as when you are at a studio but you are surrounded by people and things that bring you joy and I can’t think of any better surroundings.

  1. Kula…your community is key

An online practice does not have to mean you miss out on the sense of connection you experience in a studio class. A good online studio will have a Facebook group where members can come together, chat about the practice and so much more. Many yogis say they have got to know other members through a virtual community and feel so much more supported than when rushing in and out of a studio class each week with a quick nod to the person next to you on your mat.

  1. Tapas…finding your inner discipline

Moving through those inner blocks to your practice — tiredness, time, motivation — can be challenging, but your online practice can completely work around you. Perhaps you feel more inspired to practice as soon as you step out of bed first thing in the morning, or maybe you would normally be put off by going out on a cold rainy evening. Most online memberships will have both live and pre-recorded classes for you to access whenever works best for you.

  1. Isvara-pranidhana…surrender

Letting go of doubt and trusting the process. Perhaps a home practice isn’t how you initially thought, and thats okay. But perhaps it can be so much more.

We are witnessing a shift, a change in connection with our practice. We don’t need cramped studios and fancy toiletries in their showers. All we need is ourselves. They say home is where the heart is. Perhaps home is where the yoga shala is too.

Heather Sheldon

Yoga and wellness coach specialising in luxury yoga events and retreats