Connect with Nature

3 Ways to Connect with Nature

Getting back to nature is an excellent way to soothe stress. Here are three mindful
activities that will help you gently reconnect with the great outdoors. By Ebony Gheorghe

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Connecting with nature may be easier said than done for some — we all have a different journey based around our lifestyle and busy routines. However, I am here to share with you the three ways I think you can. Incorporating simple and small routines or practices in our lives can benefit our mental health and physical wellbeing in the long-term. Here are a few simple ways I like to reconnect with nature:

#1 Foraging — The gathering of wild food or resources

Foraging has really allowed me to be more connected with nature, seasons and discovering how that makes me feel. It allows a reconnect to what is around us and to see land and our planet in a different light, one which will build more care and alliance between us and nature. Beginners can start with things like blackberries, nettles, daisies and progress from there. Learning about plants encourages us to connect and re-engage our inner wild side. Even if you don’t forage or gather herbs and wild resources, it is important to revisit nature in your own sustainable way. Always be mindful of sharing with other living things.

#2 Wildcrafting — Creating with what you forage for or with natural components

Making something with our hands and getting an end product gives us a feeling of productivity. Making balms, oil infusions, tea blends and even candles can be a great starting point for beginners. It’s also soothing for the soul. Why not try this Forest Candle recipe, which is fitting whatever season you’re in:

#3 Meditation and mindfulness in practice —  yoga practices can help you along the way

The art of crafting itself carries a space of stillness, mindfulness and patience. I enjoy making time to create and allowing my mind to rest and only on what I am doing at the moment. An example of a soothing yoga practice to incorporate is Trataka, a candle meditation. You can use your candle which you made with the guidance above or a candle you’ve bought.

A simple candle meditation

After you light your candle, sit somewhere comfortable and embrace the light. Focus on the gentle flicker and dance of the flame. Set a timer and proceed to watch for five to ten minutes, simply focusing on the flame. When a stressful thought comes to mind, acknowledge it, then let it pass. Envision the flame bringing joy and light to you. When the time is up, close your eyes for a few moments. Set an intention to visualise this flame the next time you encounter an obstacle. Let the light guide you through.

Ebony Gheorghe is the author of the new book Enchanted Foraging (Running Press, £18.99)

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