why men should do yoga

27 excellent reasons why men should do yoga

Here at OM, we believe that everyone should enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga. But if you’re a guy who’s still not sure, then here are 27 excellent reasons to give it a try

1. Beat stress
Help keep on top of the craziness of life with a regular visit to your local studio or just tune in to a yoga video at home.

Bit by bit, it will peel away the stresses and strains of modern living.

2. Improve flexibility
Flexibility is a word practically intertwined with yoga — and for good reason! If you commit to a regular yoga practice, you’re almost sure to see an improvement in your overall flexibility.

3. Build strength
Yep, it’s true. Building strength isn’t the sole domain of the gym, yoga will also help you too if that’s what you’re after.

4. Get fit
You don’t have to go full-on with the most intense yoga class you can find either, even moderate activity levels are good for improving general fitness. A regular yoga practice will help you get there.

5. Better sex
If you’re fitter, calmer, less stressed, and happier in life generally, then the chances are you’ll bring all those good vibes into the bedroom department too.

Yoga won’t make you irresistible to everyone out there, but it may well boost your confidence, desire and performance.

6. Injury prevention
Let’s face it, if you’re building up strength, cardio fitness and improving flexibility, you’re probably going to be more physically resilient overall and that means less prone to injury (though sadly, not 100% effective, so do take it easy out there!).

7. Resilience
Mental toughness is not a bad thing to have in your armoury these days. The tips and tricks you learn on the mat through yoga and meditation will better prepare you for the swings and arrows of life.

8. Cardio benefits
A lot of yoga classes will get your heart rate up and help to boost your cardio fitness too. Powerful yoga or flowing vinyasa-style classes are not everyone’s cup of tea but they can sure bring amazing health benefits.

9. Be better at sport
Yoga improves overall performance so can make a difference if you’re into other sports, whether that be rugby, football or even golf. Elite sportspeople such as tennis ace Andy Murray love yoga because it helps add that extra percent to their game.

10. Look younger
No matter what your age, a regular yoga practice will bring with it a new sense of vibrancy and make you feel alive, which will be reflected in how you look and feel — and how others see you. Sadly, it can’t make you look like Tom Hardy or Brad Pitt, but it’s a start at least.

11. More energy
Improved fitness, a calmer mind and better food choices will boost your energy levels.

12. Patience
A calm mind equates to more patience and tolerance in life generally. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to queue for three hours at the grocery store, but you’ll definitely be able to ride through those supermarket trials with more equanimity.

13. Get high
A bit of exercise always generates natural highs — and yoga will certainly bring that into your life. Nothing beats that post-yoga buzz you feel after a good workout. You’ll feel like you’re flying!

14. Eat well
Yoga has a subtle way of influencing your other choices in life, including what you eat. When you’re honouring your body with the physical practice of yoga on the mat, why blow it all later on with a packet of crisps? Nothing wrong with a blow-out now and then, but better food choices often follow when you discover yoga.

why men should do yoga

15. Bend it like Beckham
If it works for the England soccer team (they were pictured doing hot yoga during the Euros) then it’ll probably help you on the pitch as well.

16. Be more zen
There’s a reason yogis are chilled out…it’s called yoga. Throw in a meditation practice too and you’ve unlocked a recipe for more zen in your life.

17. Personal achievement
Nothing beats the satisfaction of finally nailing a pose that you’ve been working on for ages. You have successfully climbed your own Everest.

18. Better backs
Yoga is good for your back. Anyone who’s ever seen a life-long yoga practitioner will know this. And, if you have any back problems, there are yoga classes that can help with those too.

19. Breath of fresh air
A lot of yoga focuses on breathing, so expect to come across this, but the difference it can make can be astounding. Before doing yoga, you thought you could breathe, but after yoga you’ll really be able to BREATHE.

20. Join the club
Yoga is a great way of meeting friends and likeminded people. Arguably the best thing of all about yoga is the community aspect, which you’ll find in abundance at your local studio.

21. Ditch the competition
If you’re the driven or competitive type, be it in life generally or in sport, then yoga may well present a new challenge for you…one where the only one you are in competition with is yourself. Self-improvement and personal evolution are more important than doing a better handstand than the guy next to you.

22. A more balanced you
Yoga will make you a more balanced, rounded person, both inside and out.

You’ll feel better for it inside, in terms of health and confidence, but that will reflect outwardly too in your dealings with the big wide world and with those around you.

23. Lose weight
If one of your objectives is to lose weight, then yoga can help you achieve that too. It’s not only a regular form of exercise, it’s a means to calm the mind and nervous system, and this can lead to improved dietary and other choices.

24. Be the boss
Yoga might just improve your productivity at work too. Whatever line of work you’re in, the inner glow and confidence that this ancient discipline brings into your life is likely to manifest itself outwardly, including when you’re in the office.

25. More sleep
Yoga is a brilliant thing to try if you are one of the millions out there struggling to sleep at night. It’s soothing for mind and body, and a short restorative session in the evening can do wonders for your dreamtime.

26. Creative mind
A clear mind can boost your creativity. You don’t have to be an artist or a musician to benefit from this, creativity is the ultimate ally when you’re trying to find solutions or look for any answers in any sphere of life.

27. Get better at life
And, last but not least…yoga ultimately helps you to achieve a better version of you.

Whatever your strengths or weaknesses, quirks or foibles, this is a practice that will serve as a tool for self-improvement, not only in terms of physical practice and ability, but in life generally.

From a calm, peaceful mind, to more vitality in everyday life, yoga will be your constant companion and guide. Be the warrior you were always meant to be.

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