Yoga Practice for Muscle Health

Yoga Practice for Muscle Health

The Transformative Power of Gentle Yoga for Muscular Conditions - By Gemma Ward

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Having practised yoga for many years and recently studied ِand qualified in yoga teaching, I can vouch wholeheartedly for the amazing effect regular stretching has on the functioning ability of the major muscle groups. It has now become my aim to help and guide people with muscular related conditions such as Fibromyalgia and non-specific myalgic complaints. It can also have positive effects on muscular pain associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The stiffness and lack of mobility within the muscles affected is potentially entirely reversible through consistent stretching and toning of the muscle fibres.

Unfortunately, undertaking such exercise may seem like an obstacle in itself at first due to the pain and stiffness associated with these conditions. Therefore the best approach is to begin with a very gentle stretching routine and steadily build up to more intense postures  over time and in line with the body’s ability in order to avoid straining the muscles too far which could inevitably hinder a regular routine.

It may take many months to gain even little flexibility and a decrease in symptoms but with gradual, consistent stretching and relaxation techniques, the amazing benefits of yoga will become apparent to those unnecessarily suffering with painful muscles.

The truth is we are all natural flexible at birth but over time and due to inactivity and underuse of our muscles, we stiffen and lose our natural flexibility. It is the application of yoga and it’s various stretching that simply take us back to how nature intended us to be.

Gemma Ward

I am a certified yoga teacher trained to advanced level. Also offer yoga therapy. I’ve had 16 years experience in yoga practice.