Yoga is our Life

Yoga is our life!

Friends Deb and Barb have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years
and are still loving it!

Yoga is our life! We are both seniors in our 70’s. We have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years and we are still loving it!

It keeps you breathing fully, deeply and fluidly. The practice keeps you moving, stretching and flexible. It keeps your mind quiet, focused and resilient. It is a joyful practice that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. You don’t even need a particular place to throw down a mat!

No matter how young or old you are you can enjoy the practice of yoga. Your body craves movement and your mind benefits from stillness. Pictured here are some Partner Yoga poses on the beach in Bonita Springs, Florida over Spring Break! By the time we had completed our poses, the beach was up off their beach chairs and practicing with us! Yoga is contagious. Start and you will find your style, passion and tribe!

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Barb's story

I was introduced to yoga by a friend in 2003. At my first class, I set my first intention when I decided to go to the front of the class! I knew yoga was more than exercising or stretching and I wanted to experience it undistracted. I opened my heart and I was not disappointed when joy came in! I practiced yoga regularly for 5 years and then I decided to become a yoga instructor. I taught yoga and yoga nidra primarily to US Military Service Members suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. I am a mental health social worker by trade. I love the beach and it was purely by serendipity I was presented with this setting sun opportunity at Bonita Beach, Florida, USA with my dear friend Debi. The yoga connection all came together and is highlighted by the amazing photos. 
Barbara Shavatt, RYT-200

Deb's story

I am a native New Yorker and an avid Yogini and beach bum!  I received my Yoga Teacher Certification in 1995 from A Desert Song Healing Center in Phoenix, AZ. I have a tough scoliosis in my lower lumbar spine. Living in California at the age of 29, a chiropractor advised me to run and find the closest yoga class I could because of the imbalances in my structural alignment due to childhood scoliosis. Most recently, I was told that I have more range of motion and mobility for a person of my age with the degree of scoliosis curve in my back and lower lumbar than could ever be expected! Even though the curve is still present in my spine, I was told whatever you are doing keep doing it!

I am committed and passionate about yoga and the journey of keeping yoga alive for Seniors. I enjoy teaching a therapeutic approach to practice. I have been sharing this ageless practice and the wisdom of yoga with both adults and kids in Phoenix since my certification in 1995. I am enjoying a Yin-style practice when I am not partnering up on the Beach with Barb!
Deb Starr, RYT-200

Images by Jane Ruane of Leisure World, Silver Spring.