Yoga, Creativity and You

Yoga, Creativity and You

Creativity and Self-Expression on the Mat- By Helen Cartnell

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Creativity is inherent to human existence, woven into the fabric of our daily lives from the moment we awaken to the instant we retire to sleep. It's not a decision we make but a fundamental aspect of our being, shaping every choice and action we take throughout the day.

Whether it's deciding when to rise, what to wear, or what to eat, each decision is a stroke of creativity that colors the quality of our existence. Yet, beyond these mundane choices lies a profound realm where creativity intersects with self-belief, courage, determination, imagination, time, and encouragement: the yoga mat.*

In order to create you need 6 things:  

  • Self-Belief
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Imagination
  • Time
  • And if any of these is lacking, then Encouragement.

We do not decide to be creative. As human beings, we just are, from the moment we wake until we go to sleep. Living creatively feels rewarding because it is what we are meant to do. With each creative choice we fulfil our life purpose. Every choice we make during the day is an act of creativity. From when to get up, what to wear and what to eat etc. These are small acts of creativity which determine the quality of our day. 

Stepping onto the mat is also a creative choice. You do it time after time because you believe that you will benefit from this conscious choice. It is an act of self-belief that you are prepared to try for something which takes effort. Stepping onto the mat takes courage because on the mat you meet up with yourself. You may like what you find there but on the other hand you may not. To confront what is difficult takes Courage. 


The self that you find on the mat may not be as flexible as you would like.  The real self you find there may be a source of frustration, even disappointment. This is where Determination comes in. Self-determination means that you are willing to see yourself more clearly. You acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses as part of who you are today. The life-long story of you- you accept it all. 

You must also be able to Imagine who you want to become. Your motivation comes from a desire to be better in some way. Which may, in fact, be better at accepting who you are. In acknowledging who you are and accepting yourself, it is OK to imagine a better self for tomorrow. 

Yoga practice takes Time, there is no way around it. It may not be a lot of time, ten minutes of mindful activity each day is enough to make a difference. But no real change can occur without the willingness to give your practice some time. 

And this is where Encouragement comes in. Perhaps you are strong enough to encourage yourself. But if not, then it is important to receive encouragement from another source. Maybe there is someone who cares enough to support you in your efforts to be better. Friends can support each other by being there, listening, discussing and generally taking an interest.

But if that support is not there, then make it a priority to find some. Look beyond your circle of immediate contacts. There will be someone there, waiting to give you the encouragement you need. 


So each time you lay out your mat for yoga, remember that you are making an active choice, a creative choice to be better. To go wherever your yoga practice takes you. Because on the mat there are no wrong choices, only life lessons which leave us more enriched, more complete, more ourselves than we ever were before. 

*commission earned from this link.

Helen Cartmell

Helen is an experienced teacher of yoga and meditation.
She is the proprietor and principal teacher at Les Cabosses Retreat Centre in France.

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