When To Let Knowledge Go

When To Let Knowledge Go

Balancing Knowledge and Self-Discovery- By James Adams

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Spiritual introspection is usually triggered after some life changing event, or series of events where the personal ego identity comes under threat (although not always).

Spiritual introspection is a fascinating part of the journey of self discovery. It's also a destructive one too, but that's a topic for another time. Once the ego is threatened, something deep within (shall we call it the soul?) has a realisation that things may not be all they seem.

The glasses of the ego have been shattered. The vision is now distorted. Speckles of the true nature of life become apparent, like shards of light piercing through a thick, black cloud of fog.

A new form of curiosity is birthed.  A curiosity to know the true nature of ones self.


Using knowledge to guide

Spiritual realisation can be a very confusing time. Everything that you believed to be true suddenly comes under the microscope of scrutiny.

What is true? What is a product of the ego's narrative?

It's very common for spiritual truth seekers to seek help. In our modern 21st century world, with Google at our disposal, online spiritual communities and websites are only a click of a button away.

Suddenly we have access to a wealth of spiritual and religious content that helps to empower our spiritual journey. Whether it be meditation tips, how to perform shadow work, recommended self help books, or the best yoga poses for releasing trauma, it's all there.

There is no denying that Google, when used in this way is an extremely beneficial part of ones spiritual journey.

And then, it's not. Yes there does come a time when knowledge ceases to be of any benefit to the journey.


When to let knowledge go

The spiritual journey seeks to discover the truth of ones real nature. To do this, layers of false ego concepts and beliefs need to be released, bit by bit. Spiritual knowledge can be an incredibly powerful signpost. But that's all it really is, a signpost to one's true nature.

Once enough ego has been released, the soul assumes control of the driving seat of your life. What I mean is that the soul becomes the absolute authority of your destiny. The soul knows what is best for you. It's your true nature.

Releasing old aspects of the ego opens the channels for the soul's wise, yet gentle tutelage to be heard. Too much emphasis on knowledge can block these channels again.


Watch out for the spiritual ego

If left unchecked, too much knowledge acquisition can create new identifies of who you think you are.

Have you studied yoga for years, become a Yoga Teacher and now identity with the label "Yoga Teacher"? Perhaps some pride fills your lungs when you see yourself in this way.

Or have you studied the teachings of the Buddha, then decided to become a disciplined "Buddhist" and now associate only with those who share the same outlook?

This is also a normal part of the spiritual journey. Spiritual egos can be sneaky, but also need to be dismantled (once identified).


The soul has it all

To wrap this article up, the message is quite a simple one. Knowledge is a part of the journey, until it's not. Know when it's time to let go.

James Adams

Student of life