Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Transforming Fashion Consumption at the Individual Level for a Greener Future - By Dr. Priyanka Bharadwaj

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In a market world with ever growing demand for more and consumerism being the most talked about concept, it is really unpractical to think that fast-fashion is going to fade away soon, even after being one of the top polluter and waste generation industry. Atleast not in the present scenario, where less 1% of 13% recycled material is used to produce new clothing world-over.

Though to counter it, slow fashion has come up with sustainability format, yet it has to be worked upon at ground level.

So, for now, what can be done? Here the consumer has to awaken at individual level, and follow everything that can reduce his/her own carbon footprints.

I am blessed to be inherited with grand-parent's knowledge and experience of living a life of almost zero-waste generation, which I keep trying to follow anywhere and everywhere I can, sharing with my kids at the same time too. There are number of ways to use clothes sustainably.

  1. Sharing is caring, so at the very first place, distribute old clothes ( in good condition) to the needy.
  2. Recreate old trousers into shopping bags and lunch packs.
  3. Sarees can be re-fashioned into beautiful carpets, table-mats and door-mats.
  4. Denims can be used to make pretty tote-bags and purses and cosy quilts.
  5. Turn old shirts into pillow covers, shirt dress, comfy shorts and hand bags.
  6. Convert old T-shirts into bed-sheets, runners and scarfs.
  7. Reshape old sweaters into trendy winter caps.
  8. Use old shirts, pillow cases, sheets to create cute flower hair accessories.

Most pertinently,

  • Shop for need, not just to satisfy your greed for fashion.
  • Wear your dresses more often, especially the expensive ones.
  • Go for second-hand clothing as sustainable and fashionable lifestyle.
  • Mind the fact that whatever you wear should be free from animals and related products.

In these simple ways, clothes can be used sustainably and environment can also be protected at the same time.

At last, dear friends, confirm your share to protect Mother Nature. Every small step makes a great difference.


Dr. Priyanka Bharadwaj

Medical Yoga Therapist (Therapeutic Yoga) ,
Environment Lover