Season of the witch

Season of the Witch

Embracing the Magic of Halloween and the Power of Feminine Energy in Yoga - By Natascha Zeller

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Have you noticed all the little witches, wizards, and spooky creatures roaming around lately in search of sweet treats? While Halloween may feel a bit commercialized these days, it's still a significant annual celebration. Originally, it marked the start of the Celtic Samhain festival, which honored the autumn harvest. It was also believed to be a time when departed souls could return and connect with the living. People wore scary costumes to ward off evil spirits.

Throughout history, witches have been depicted as frightening figures, with green, wart-covered masks being a common Halloween costume. However, early witches were actually wise women who were ahead of their time. They were often misunderstood and used herbs to make tinctures and help heal the sick. They also used what was perceived as magic spells, but in reality, these were more likely meditations and chanting affirmations. In a patriarchal society, such actions were considered daring and risky.

Today, we all possess masculine and feminine traits within our personalities, and it's essential to maintain balance between the two. However, in our busy world, the Yang (active, masculine) energy often takes precedence, with the idea that constant "doing" is the best way to achieve success. This can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

To combat this, it's important to explore the Yin (cooling, feminine) energy. Yin yoga, for example, can be incredibly effective in relaxing and restoring the body and mind. By staying in postures and poses for longer periods, like the elongated pigeon pose, you can ease tension and tightness in your muscles. Engaging in mindfulness rituals*, such as taking a walk in nature or writing down negative thoughts and burning them, can also be powerful tools for self-reflection and healing.

So, this winter season, tap into your "inner witch" and embrace the magic of feminine power in your yoga practice.

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Natascha Zeller

Natascha -@zelleryoga is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and how it can help create a profound sense of inner calm, strength and balance.