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Reiki Yoga

Dilara Gumus on the blending of the two techniques

We all go through the experience of being human in this form in which we are embodied as an infinite being of light, and we know that we are much more than the physical body we see with our eyes. Just as people with strong spirituality know and feel this, we can convince more materialistic people of this reality with the support of science.

Within the scope of all this information, we can say that a life energy keeps us alive more than breathing. Although it differs in name, many countries and different languages always talk about the same magic. These life energies, called Chi or Prana, directly concern our entire lives, most importantly, our physical and mental health.

At this point, we do our best to live our lives as beautifully as possible by coming into balance holistically with the disciplines and techniques that come to us from our ancestors and each of which is very valuable. . Some of these disciplines are Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Feng Shui.

So let's talk about the blending of two excellent techniques: Reiki Yoga.

Our body is just an energy in the ocean of the universe. While our bones reverberate at lower frequencies, our blood and thoughts vibrate at higher frequencies. The Reiki energy connects the totality of all of this, our higher self, to everything around us. The thought in our mind vibrates and envelops our whole body, emotions occur, the flow and speed of blood are affected, and the energy emanating from the whole body makes every manifestation that happens to us in the outside world real.

In Reiki Yoga, you can think of it as spinning the wheels to heal the natural healing process with two different levels of intervention in the situation. While we touch the energy body with Reiki, we touch the physical body with yoga. And at this point, while the energy body affects the physical body, the energy in the physical body affects the body. And this perfect two-sided cycle allows you to transform your life in no time.


As you can understand, these two disciplines, which have placed balance in the most basic goal as a system, differ only as a way of going. The purpose of yoga is to create a balance between white, soul, and body through the seven basic yoga postures, while Reiki does so around the seven chakras. But with Reiki Yoga, we are quickly loaded into a perfect vortex of energy. We rise to such an extent that, beyond feeling good, when we observe the process of people on this journey, we see that the awareness of the individual in life has increased, the awareness of what to do in the situations that happen to him has developed and he has made his decisions in a much more controlled way. In addition to all these, he is physically much healthier and more vigorous. So how could it be better than that?

These two disciplines are indeed a great way to explore and embrace a world of limitless possibilities. And you, dear yoga instructors, the most beloved part of the yoga practice (Shavasana), in the corpse pose your students can do the healing work by surrendering to the moment of silence and lying down on their mats by drawing the Reiki symbols on the field or on your students. The combination of reiki with Shavasana, which is a healing in itself, will turn into a wonderful experience. Or I can't imagine a better time to work on healing against the mother when they turn to the right side towards the end of the Shavasana and take the fetal position.

Dilara Gümüş

Dilara Gümüş, who is a Reiki Master and Teacher and completed 480 hours in the field of Yoga.

Dilara Gümüş focuses on the holistic well-being of all people, including their spiritual, mental and physical health, in the "experience of being human" as an eternal light.