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Healthy eating

Great article in August’s edition of OM (The Body Positivity Blog: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back). I don’t often feel the need to respond but when asked to comment at the end of the article, this time I felt the need to reply.
I am a size 14 yoga instructor at 5ft 6. On the scales, I am at least a stone off my correct BMI. I have exercised more or less four to six times a week for the past 12 years and would say that I am strong, though maybe lacking some aerobic capacity after having hip surgery last year.
At 48, I like to think that I am generally fit. However, I am aware that I am slightly overweight and, to be healthy to my joints and heart, I need to decrease my overall calorie intake. But I love food and alcohol…and therein lies my issue. I may well exercise six times a week but my input outweighs my output and that’s why I don’t lose weight.
Whilst I think it’s fabulous to encourage larger people to exercise, and in comfortable fitness wear, I also believe that if we promote the idea that a larger image is acceptable it does add/create to the increasing obesity crisis that today’s UK faces. Therefore, I think the encouragement should be on healthy eating, and to consume less than you as an individual expend, creating a healthy body image and weight for a future healthy life.

Tracey, by email

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In the August issue of OM we posed the question: What do you think of the notion that ‘body acceptance’, or ‘body positivity’, is merely ‘fat acceptance’? We’d love to know your thoughts on this. Email:


Mama yoga

Hey OM, I am expecting my first baby at the end of this year so great to see lots of articles on yoga for children and pregnancy in your September issue (Yoga For children & Pregnancy, issue 100, September 2019). I am lucky in that I have had a regular yoga practice now for over two years, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track! It’s also good to know that yoga will be my friend through all the ups and downs of my pregnancy…and when I finally get to meet my little one! It’s an amazing journey.
Gina by email


Happy Birthday

Sorry I missed your birthday(!), but it was really interesting seeing what your cover models had to say about the future of yoga (Happy Birthday OM, issue 100, September 2019). I definitely agree that yoga has become more popular in the last 10 years and long may that continue! Thank you OM for playing your part!
Emily, by email


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