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Opening your Heart to Inner Peace in the New Year

A Journey of Self-Compassion, Patience, and Consistency for Lasting Change - By Alexandra Reece-Ford

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Instead of focusing your mind to setting unrealistic resolutions that you set every year and never achieve, allow yourself a different perspective on life and start to find ways to bring a little more peace inward daily. 

We all struggle with gaining clarity around inner peace, we struggle to understand how to find it and a lot of the time it is because we do not truly believe we are worthy of it in our lives. 

Time is so precious but so are you so let’s draw in a connection to our hearts and make the choice to truly explore the ways toward inner peace. 

Firstly having the knowledge that this is a journey not a destination, working through the spirals of life to create space within through every struggle, trauma and suffering moment that may be encountered opens you up to a deeper power.

When you give yourself the permission to gain peace in the toughest times of life you will begin to see the changes in everyday, but it is within the everyday practice that the strength is mastered, the connection is deepened and the quiet remains! 

But how is always the question that seems to be left unanswered!? 


All the things many believe are not possible, do not have time for or cannot achieve but when the commitment is made to yourself the hard work is done and the connection between yourself and your higher power is made! 

Living life with inner peace does not mean a life without heartache and struggle, it means finding peace and self compassion within those moments and being at peace with them. 

Bring the compassion to this moment and make a deal with yourself, to be more present in each day, to believe in your self worth, to practice breath connection and mindful movement to ease the internal suffering and begin to plant those seeds to allow yourself to grow, to rise tall above the murky waters, to navigate the branches that block your way and entwine a little peace around it all, opening the pathway, allowing you to see a way through and come out the other side with a deep understanding of what it truly feels to have peace in your heart through everyday, every thought, every moment! 

Take a step back from new year new you and change the narrative! 

New year new choices! 

Embrace who you are, grow from your own roots and rise high within your self love, self compassion and allow your inner peace to break through into every corner of your being shining out into your beautiful life

Alexandra Reece-Ford

I’m Alex, yoga therapist and nutritionist of 6 years. My passion is guiding you towards loving yourself as you are