Opening your heart

A simple summer kundalini yoga sequence to open your heart and receive the joy of the universe. By Maya Fiennes

Maya Fiennes

Receive joy

Put your hands in lotus pose in front of your heart, then stretch the arms sideways, as you are pushing away on inhale. Then exhale as you bring them back to lotus pose. Keep this action going for about two minutes. Put some great music on, follow the rhythm and enjoy! Visualise your heart getting open to receive joy.

Maya Fiennes
Maya Fiennes
Maya Fiennes

Breath of fire

Bring your arms above in a V shape (60 degrees) with your thumbs up and hands in fists. Start a rapid breath of fire, like sniffing through your nose, shallow breath, equal amount of air through both nostrils, your stomach will be moving. Inflate when you inhale and deflate when you exhale. It is the opposite of how we normally breathe. Close your eyes. Focus your eyes on your eyebrows, like you are trying to look in your third eye. Chin down. Do this for one minute.

Maya Fiennes

Enjoy the flow

Open your arms and close, in a very rapid motion. Keep opening and closing. Do it very fast for two minutes. Close your eyes, and give yourself permission to enjoy this flow. Breathe fast, coordinate your breath with your movement.


Infinity and beyond
Finally, go into a squat, stretch your arms in front with the index fingers out. Look at the tip of your index fingers and make your intention, visualise your desire, and send it into infinity. Apply again the breath of fire.

Maya Fiennes is a kundalini yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, USA ( Find her at the OM Yoga Show in London this October (

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