Your Meditation Journey: Over 30 Exercises And Visualisations To Guide You On The Path To Inner Peace And Self-Discovery

Charla Devereux

Eddison Books

An easy-to-follow, yet in-depth guide to telling you everything you need to know to get started in meditation. Covering the basics of posture, breathing and other practical considerations to guided visualisations, single point meditation and the power of light, sound and silence. The exercise and techniques included inside will help you develop your skills and use meditation to enhance your daily life. And it’s worth the effort: regular meditation produces a controlled, balanced mind that’s good not only for physical and mental wellbeing and effective functioning in daily life, but also for personal spiritual growth.

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OM Books

The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook: Holistic Healing Rituals For Every Day and Season

Sarah Kucera
The Experiment

Boost your energy with yogic breathing, overcome transitions with grounding meditations and undo physical and emotional stress with personalised yoga postures. This is a practical book with simple ayurvedic advice from Sarah Kucera, a certified ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher and yoga therapist who run a healing arts centre and herbal apothecary in Missouri, USA. Ideas to help prevent and treat disease with nourishing tonics and teas, to pause and reflect with daily and weekly journal writing prompts, to get back in sync with nature and to rediscover your potential to feel good. Includes a glossary of herbs. 


The Power Of Breath And Hand Yoga: Pranayama And Mudras For Health And Wellbeing

Christine Burke
Cico Books

In this book, the author, a yoga teacher of over 20 years, shows readers how, using only your breath and your hands, you can heal both physical and emotional conditions and improve your overall wellbeing .Breath awareness has been linked to calming the body and brain, regulating blood pressure, improving memory and immune function, and a host of other health benefits. Hand yoga, and the use of mudras, channels energy and offers a point of focus during meditation. This book is illustrated in colour and is simple to follow, with lots of practical tips and tools to help those target specific issues and conditions from sleep problems to fatigue. 


Teach Your Child Yoga: Fun & Easy Yoga Poses For Happier, Healthier Kids

Lisa Roberts

Features simple step-by-step illustrations and instructions for kids to achieve their wellness goals in a fun and playful manner. Whether the goal is to help children calm down, focus, relieve stress, regulate energy levels, or improve sleep, Roberts makes the practice fun and super creative – expanding bodies, minds and imaginations. There’s even a special sequence, Tech Support, to counter the effects of computer and tablet use! A companion guide to Teach Your Child Meditation (Sterling, 2018), a previous title by Roberts, this book demonstrates how to adapt yoga exercises for toddlers through teens, growing with children as their developmental needs evolve.

Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.