Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga: a natural state of being

How Nude Yoga can remove the ‘masks’ society places on us to conform. By Luna Phoenix Kunst

Has anyone here ever tried Nude Yoga? Do you enjoy it more than with clothes on or do you think it is unnatural to workout without clothing? Are you fearful that it may place you in a cumbersome position that will embarrass you?

Whatever the reason, I have found that doing yoga in the nude has been a very liberating experience for me.

I was once very shy about showing off my body. I was raised to think of nudity as a shameful thing and only sacred with your lifetime partner.

Sex was not to happen until marriage and your lifetime partner with was the only one to be allowed to see you in such a manner.

But over the years, I wondered: Could that be entirely true? Could nudity be evil? If so, why are we born naked? Why does it look innocent for an infant to be in the nude but dirty and shameful for a child or an adult to be nude? What is the cut-off age? Why are other cultures who are nude seen as savages or naïve people? Where did we get this idea from? The Bible? Where in the Bible does it actually say that being nude is evil? I have not seen it or read it.

I have been given examples of Bible stories such as the one of Adam and Eve; that when they discovered they were naked, they clothed themselves to hide their shame from god. But when did they did discover that being naked was bad? When they ate the fruit that was forbidden for them anyway? Otherwise, perhaps Adam and Eve would still be naked until this day if that so-called apple was eaten and the serpent did not deceive them? So, it seems it started with a story that we were told that being naked is wrong and society has decided to keep believing that way.

So who are we nudists: perverts or enlightened?

I believe we are the misunderstood, enlightened ones.

We have chosen to accept the natural order of things and not be ashamed. We see each other and ourselves as created creatures, designed to look differently in colours, shapes, and sizes. We were all created to resemble our Creator in all ways. Thus, it must be a blessing to realise that being nude is beautiful and not something to look upon with disgust or shame. Society has placed such rules upon us. Why? Because of its own perverse thinking.

What is yoga? Yoga is not just a series of movements that help you to become more flexible. No!  oga is the process of one awakening his/her inner warrior and aligning him/herself to the universe and the Creator as one. To become more enlightened in the ways of the universe and to the link with the Creator, the highest being of all. It is to allow us to connect again instead of walking on this earth as sole individuals that need to follow rules and can have no sense of enlightenment, unless it comes from a bottle or someone telling us to do so. Why have there been so many individuals that have gone into enlightenment through prayer, meditation, exercise, proper eating, fasting, etc.?

Look at Gandhi, for example: he practiced yoga, meditation and fasted. This one man became a symbol for his people through simple peaceful protests. Although he has passed, his presence is still much alive today. If you read the philosophy of yoga, it will tell about this connection.

I believe that when we mix yoga and nudity together we are allowing ourselves to welcome and enjoy the natural order of things. We are returning back to our original state using our clothes as symbols to remove the ‘masks’ society places on us to conform. Yoga is the process for alignment and nudity is the method to enlightenment.

Thus, I will continue to return to nude yoga and continue my journey for more enlightenment and alignment with the universe.

Luna Phoenix Kunst

Luna is co-owner of NuReveal Yoga, holistic fitness wellness specializing in nude/naturist format teaching everyone wellness clothed or not.