My yoga journey

My yoga journey

By Aleksandra Matuszewska

My yoga journey: Sharing.

When I think about yoga I think about people.

Being connected to your body and mind means that you are more open to others.

The stronger you are both physically and mentally the more you can see.

So you can learn.

Make mistakes.





And grow.

So you grow as a human. You grow with every step you take and let your breath lead you.

You learn and observe yourself and others. You watch and listen. You take. And share.

And when I think about yoga I think about people who share their practice with you. Who share their experience. Who will tell you that whatever you do, it's more than enough.

On the yoga mat every one is the same. We take breaths to gain extra strength, we listen to our bodies. We go out of our comfort zone.

We do our best to maintain. We shake. We wobble. We grow.

There is a beautiful soul Deb, who is a yoga instructor at one of the best studios In London.

As a countryside gal, I take her online classes on Friday evenings. I build a small ritual around that time. Open a window to feel the air, burn a candle, fold a cosy blanket for savasana pose.

And Deb is giving us pure love. With her strong, hoarse voice Deb is sharing her practice.

She doesn’t teach. She shares.

Hearing her voice you can also hear your inner voice.

So you know and trust yourself.

It is ok to pause.

It is ok to rest.

It is ok to wobble.

It is ok to choose another option.

And whatever you do, it is more than plenty.

I couldn’t take my last Friday class. I had to stay at work till late and figure out the next steps in my professional career. I was struggling, feeling overwhelmed and tired. So I took a cup of tea, sat at the window and said to myself: it is ok to struggle, it is ok to wobble, it is ok to choose another option.

Whatever I will choose is more than plenty.

And I am enough.

Thank you, Deb.




Aleksandra Matuszewska

I am a life, foodie and animals lover and writer. My yoga journey has began two years ago along with my Pilates professional training. Aiming to be qualified both in Yoga and Pilates and share my joy with the others, specially middle aged women and men to help them to stay connected to their minds and bodies and appreciate little things we can enjoy every day.