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This month’s mentor: Emma Epton

 Yoga Reloaded, Kent ( 

My Yoga Biz- Emma Epton


No, not when I did my training, I didn’t have a clue! Setting up a yoga business was a huge learning experience for me. Being able to do most things from my iPhone is a godsend, it’s my portable office.


You have to have a vision of what you want to achieve and set your sights on those goals. I always try to set the bar a little higher each time so the business keeps growing. You have to make things happen; you can’t wait around till you get a lucky break. There are so many yoga teachers out there, competition is fierce! You have to work really hard to make a success of it.


My niche is teaching a mix of yoga, FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and strength training. I chose it as I believe that traditional yoga has to keep up with new developments in science and how we can best train our bodies. I want my students to feel strong and empowered. To love, understand and inhabit their bodies. Rather than a practice that can leave some feeling as if their bodies are inadequate or failing them in some way.


I love social media, it’s great for connecting with likeminded people and collaborating. I reconnected with an old friend from my yoga teacher training. Now we have teamed up to create Yoga Reloaded (, combining our love of movement, FRC and yoga. We are currently running an immersion course for yoga teachers. Next year we’re running a 200hr yoga teacher training. Meet other local teachers and those who inspire you in social media. You never know, it may lead to something amazing.

My Yoga Biz - Emma Epton


Be honest about yourself on social media. Share your experiences, good and bad, success, failures, injuries. Share other things you are passionate about, not just your yoga. I share my love of foraging, pottery and food. You’ll attract a more loyal following. These are the people who will come on your retreats and go to your classes. Rather than thousands of followers who just want to see pretty pictures and not really engage with you. They are not going to help you out business-wise.


Yoga will become more of a movement-based practice with less emphasis on correct alignment. We will stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes — by that, I mean forcing students into positions that don’t suit their body history or shape — and feel muscular engagement rather than making ‘correct shapes’. Give your students insight. Help them to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. Make them think about their body as an intricate, beautiful machine. Allow them to learn about each part of themselves. How do I move? How does it feel? Do I have good range of motion or do I need more work on that particular area? If my wrists don’t actively make a 90 degree angle should I be doing handstands? Should I instead be making sure I have the prerequisites to attain that?

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