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Emily Huckstep 31, Ground + Grow, Bournemouth (



The most important thing for me is teaching in a way that feels aligned to who I am and being mindful of not burning myself out.


For many teachers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of teaching 10, 15 or even 20 classes a week, because as new teachers, we want to get as much experience as quickly as possible. But once we start teaching, our own practice can be the first thing to go and we can get burnt out by teaching too much. So for me it’s about finding that magic number. It’s really just about drawing boundaries that support you in a positive way that works for you.


I don’t make a full-time income from teaching, I don’t feel burnt out by it either, so it means I have enough extra time and energy to put into other areas of my career. Alongside teaching yoga, I am also a confidence and empowerment coach for women.


Find something to subsidise your teaching, especially in the early stages, so you avoid burnout. It means you give yourself the financial freedom to not be burdened by your teaching. I’d always rather teach because I want to, not because I have to pay the bills.


Hiring a coach was the best decision I’ve made. Coaching is perfect to combat things like anxiety, limiting beliefs, toxic self-talk, body image. When I first hired a coach I was nervous to invest in such a non-tangible experience, but also knew in my heart it’s what I needed to really step into my true power and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.


I love social media! When it’s used in a conscious and authentic way it can be an amazing tool for finding community, sharing your voice, and growing your business.


Use all the features on social platforms. For example, with Instagram, it’s easy to just get into the habit of posting edited content that has been filtered and not showing up in more authentic ways. Remember, Instagram algorithms like accounts that use all of its features, so don’t forget about using stories, live, IGTV and highlights.

Be authentic.

When we look at a screen of tiny squares it’s easy to forget there are human beings behind the accounts. Being true to yourself and sharing your own unique message is key to connecting and engaging with people. It’s the moments of real authenticity that people connect to the strongest.

Know why you’re sharing what you’re sharing.

This is really key when you have something specific you’re working towards. Ask yourself what the audience is getting from it. Are they getting to know you? Are they learning something new? Are they buying something? Get clear on your ‘why’ and sharing becomes much easier.



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Claudia Brown. Yoga Teacher. Writer. Cumbrian. Runner of amazing events and retreats.