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Unveiling the Mindset Secrets to Longevity with Marek Piotrowski - By Olga Bateman

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In our fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, Marek Piotrowski, Longevity Advocate and a visionary behind the “Beyond Time” quest for extended lifespan sheds light on the impact of mindset on longevity. Together with his 17-year-old son Alex, Marek travels the world making a film to reach millions with their message: longevity is for everyone, not just eccentric billionaires. They want to share all the knowledge and breakthroughs with people around the world and inspire them to start using it NOW.  And the first, yet most important step to take is adopting the right mindset, which can add not just years, but decades to our lives. 

"Mindset is the foundation of everything. If you're not happy with your life and lack the will to live, your lifespan will likely be shorter. Fixing our mindset, loving ourselves, and cherishing each day gives us the motivation to change our habits for the better, choose our health, our well-being over convenience. " - says Marek.


The Power of Breathwork and Meditation

Breathwork and meditation have a transformative effect on our body and mind. Practices like the Box Breathing, help to slow down the breath and lead to a cascade of positive effects. Through personal experience, Marek testifies to the calming influence of breathwork on the mind, providing a pathway to mindfulness:

 “Usually when I meditate, I get less than one breath per minute. And that's amazing because you focus on your breath and you'll stop thinking about the other things.” 

Constant overthinking, as Marek describes, is like having a "Woody Allen" in the back of our mind, constantly second-guessing and causing distress. Through meditation and breathwork, we can quiet this mental chatter, leading to an improved quality of life.


Psychedelics: A Journey into Mind Healing

Marek shares his transformative experience with psychedelics, particularly MDMA-induced therapy, as a powerful tool for overcoming trauma and depression. He highlights the potential of psychedelic therapies to unveil suppressed memories and promote mental well-being.

“It allows you to look at your life from a perspective. It's easier to make the right choices. It's easier to just distance yourself and find calmness”.



Yoga: A Multifaceted Approach

When people get older, they become more fragile and are not as good with balance. If falling in your 70s or 80s, breaking bones risk becomes much higher while the recovery and healing take much longer.  When you cannot move, cannot walk, you start to lose the will to live. And to live longer you need that purpose, something you live for. 

Yoga helps with the prevention of frailty in older age, improves bone density, helps with coordination, and even improves blood flow and heart rate therefore it promotes longevity by sustaining physical and mental well-being. 

Purpose: The Engine of Longevity

Drawing insights from healers in Bali, centenarians in Okinawa, and "everyday biohackers" he met on his longevity quest around the world, Marek introduces the Japanese concept of "Ikigai" – having a purpose in life. A clear sense of purpose acts as a driving force, propelling individuals to live longer, healthier lives. Purpose becomes the engine that fuels the quest for longevity. 

 “When You know what you want to do with your life, how to make this life of yours, your friends, the people around the world better, then you live longer because there is something you live for”,- says Marek

Social Connections: The Lifeline to Longevity

Marek emphasizes the significance of social relationships, extending beyond family to interactions with the broader community. The positive impact of maintaining an active social life is a key component of a longer, happier life. In Okinawa, for instance, intergenerational relationships thrive, where grandparents and grandchildren support and care for each other, contributing to a strong sense of purpose in life. This interconnectedness is vital for the elderly, making them feel needed and valued. 

“If you want to start with longevity, start with your mindset. Start with living mindfully”

In Marek's vision, the foundation of longevity lies in cultivating the right mindset. From breathwork and meditation to psychedelic therapies, yoga, purpose-driven living, and fostering social connections, Marek crafts a holistic approach to mindset and longevity. The intertwining branches of  his Longevity Map offer a visual  guide for a gradual, purposeful ascent toward a longer, more fulfilling life.

Marek Piotrowski invites us to reconsider our approach to life, urging us to prioritize mental well-being as the gateway to a future where longevity is not just a possibility but a tangible reality. With each breath, meditation session, and purposeful connection, Marek paves the way for a mindset revolution that transcends time.

Olga Bateman

I'm a PR Consultant dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and mindfulness.