Hacks for Fighting Fatigue and Boosting Energy

Hacks for Fighting Fatigue and Boosting Energy

Boost Your Energy and Wellbeing with Simple Lifestyle Hacks - By Alison Cullen

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Feeling sluggish and overwhelmed? Sometimes, the simplest changes can make the biggest difference in our overall energy levels and well-being. From the essential habit of staying hydrated to the importance of managing expectations and finding healthy fats, these straightforward strategies can help you feel more energised and focused.

Hydrate! Yes, you’ve heard it endless times before, but this is the fastest, cheapest hack to up your energy, whilst also improving your skin, reducing brain fog, and warding off cystitis.

As little as 1.36% dehydration degraded mood, increased perception of task difficulty, lowered concentration, and increased headaches in women. Aim for 1.5 litres of still, plain water daily.

Under-promise. Give yourself longer deadlines than you need; take on several fewer tasks than you think you can manage; reduce people’s expectations of you, and then you have the option to amaze them, whilst not putting any unrequired pressure on yourself. You don’t have to be Super Woman: those tights had to itch…

Bed down. Nail your bedtime as well as your wake time. Going to bed at a similar time each night helps your body plan its sleep schedule. Make your bed time as early as you can, as this is more effective than sleeping in later, which often leaves you groggy and extra-tired.

Find your Fats. Healthy fats are very important for energy production. Whilst it is sensible to avoid processed foods high in trans fats, and keep away from the deep fat fryer, foods such as walnuts, avocados, oily fish, flaxseed, and pumpkin seeds all contain healthy fats that contribute to better energy, better skin, better brain function and better hormone balance.

Magical Magnesium. The mineral magnesium is vital for good energy levels and reduced fatigue. It is in high demand when our lives are stressful, as it is used up by both physical and mental/ emotional stress. It is only available in healthy foods, which is another reason it can be lacking when we’re stressed and not looking after our diet. Alternatively try A.Vogel’s Perimenopause Balance (£17.99 for 14 sachets, amazon.co.uk). Simply add to 150ml of water, stir well and enjoy.

Alison Cullen

Hello. My name is Alison Cullen and I am an experienced nutritional therapist with a clinic in Ayrshire, Scotland. I am also a qualified sleep consultant. I currently combine running my clinic with the role of Education Manager for A Vogel.