Creating a Foundation is an Inside Job

Creating a Foundation is an Inside Job

The Illusion of External Foundations and the Power of Self-Connection - Dana Damara

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The other day, I’m in the car with my youngest daughter and she asked me, “Mom, is there an end to the sky?” And I said, “Um no honey. It’s infinite.” And she said, “Infinite... like energy?” And I said, “Yup, just like that.” She sat there for quite a while looking up and out of the sunroof. As if she was trying to figure it all out.

We didn’t talk that much after that, but I could tell the wheels were turning. It got me thinking about the word foundation and how daunting it can be. I mean, if the Earth is spinning and the sky is infinite, are we really standing on any type of foundation?

Yes, most certainly we are. Ourselves.

I contemplated foundation for a while before I wrote this. And I remembered a few times in my life when I had no physical foundation.

Once when I was 26 and traveled to the South Pacific for an entire year—with one bag, no cell phone, no Internet. Once when I was working on yachts when I was about thirty-something. Every day was an adventure: waking up in a different port, different time zone and, sometimes, a different country. And then this last time, when I moved to California with no foundation except a job that paid pennies when I first started.

Foundation... security... stability—it is all an illusion if you look outside yourself for it.

Foundation is an inside job, and it is found only when you feel into the power that lives within you. It’s found when you tap into your intuition and make decisions from that place. It is recognized in tight situations, when the going gets rough. It is exemplified when you remember your foundation is your connection to Source, to God, to your internal compass.

And sometimes, that’s all you have. But that’s all you need. Ever.

From an outside, human perspective, it’s easy to see how we can get swayed by things, people, jobs, or even homes to determine our foundation.  But, I’m telling you, the only foundation you ever need is the one you have with yourself and with God, however you define God. To be quite honest, God has been defined many ways throughout my life, so make that one your own.

My physical foundation had been ripped out from underneath me several times in this life, and I believe it was an initiation to up-level my connection to Spirit and to my own intuitive knowing. We must be reminded in this life that we need nothing but ourselves, our truth, and our heart.

I get it, it’s challenging. I have 2 kids and I try to “create a foundation for them to feel safe and comfortable in.” And, yes, I use those exact words. At the same time, they know it could change in a moment’s notice and not to get too attached. Perceived foundation is a dangerous game. I’d rather connect deep into my physical body, my boundless heart, and my God-guided intuition. Those will never go away.

Dana Damara

Dana Damara is a speaker, author, global yoga trainer, and sound healer.

She is a leadership coach, Reiki Master, Doterra© Team Leader, and astrologist offering her services worldwide