Calm before Christmas

Calm before Christmas

3 yin poses to help you relax into the festive season. By Gillian Davies

The lead-up to the festive period can be overwhelming, to say the least. With parties, shopping, and socialising to fit into a few short weeks, it’s no wonder that many of us are left feeling a little under the weather come the big day.

With our schedules filling up during December, it can be challenging to fit in self-care time or to get to that yoga class you usually attend. Then there’s the weather to contend with – who wants to head outside when it’s cold, dark, and miserable?

Why not unroll your mat at home and try these 3 yin yoga poses to help you relax and unwind? Combine them with some breath work to create a perfect start to your day or add in a Yoga Nidra to turn this into the ideal pre-bedtime wind-down. Aim to hold each of these poses for at least 3 minutes to allow the connective tissues to begin to release.

Child's pose

Using the bolster as a support can help to encourage a deeper state of relaxation. Don’t have a bolster? Pull together some pillows and cushions to create your own prop.

Reclining butterfly

Use a block underneath the shoulder blades to create a backbend. If you need some extra support for the neck, use another block behind the head.

Reclining butterfly (alternative version)

Placing a block underneath the hips can help to make this inversion supportive. This pose helps boost the relaxation response leaving you feeling rested and ready to enjoy the festivities.

Photo Credit - Rosaleen Bonnar Photography

Legs up the wall pose

If using the blocks is a bit too much for you, then place a rolled blanket underneath the shoulder blades to create a gentle backbend and allowing the focus to switch to the breath.

Gillian Davies

Gillian Davies is a passionate and encouraging yoga teacher who loves to learn and share her knowledge to benefit others.