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Biophilia Wellbeing

Self-Care and Yoga Practice Outdoors - By Danielle Timms

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Take your selfcare, wellness practice and yoga class outside – our bodies literally love it.

Many people avoid going to gyms or studios because the atmosphere doesn’t resonate with them. Which hinders their fitness practice, one skipped class leads to a month’s membership unused and no workout. So, what if you changed the atmosphere where you workout?

There is an increasing number of studies, showing that nature improves human health and wellbeing. That being outdoors, scientifically benefits your physical and mental state. Grounding in nature changes the energy in the body, by the earth’s negative electric charges. These negative charges have a positive reaction to the human body. That reduce stress, pain, and inflammation in the body. Alongside, breathing in pure oxygen from trees, which supports a healthy respiratory system and overall helps regulate the nerves and boost the immune system. So, it seems, only sensible to take your workout outside.

Biophilia means love of nature and living things. Whiles some people enjoy being outside more than others, there are people that have an innate sense of love for it. And it seems, our human bodies are design to be in the wild.

biophilia bi″ō-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə noun

  1. A strong attraction for or emotional attachment to the living world.
  2. The love of nature and all living

5 Benefits of Biophilia

  • Higher energy levels and less fatigue
  • Better sleep quality
  • Lower blood pressure and better heart health
  • Relief from chronic inflammation
  • Mood improvement and stress reduction

5 Ways to Rewild

  • Wild Swimming
  • Pilgrimage
  • Cycling
  • Yoga & Meditation (outdoors)
  • Nature Retreat

Furthermore, the more time spent outside, connecting to nature, the more you acknowledge natures wisdom. The way it moves with the seasons, blooming in Spring and falling in Autumn. Reminds us that life is cyclical, not linear. And it is consistent. It is in a constant state of birth, death, and rebirth. And most importantly, it takes its time, it is not in a rush BUT always abundant. It is reassuring for our natural body rhythm (especially women), that life doesn’t always have to be fast paced, with an end goal. That life has many ebs and flows. Like nature, when we listen to what our bodies need and move at a pace that feels right for us at the time. We become in a state of flow and not force. The consistency of nature reminds us and creates sense of safety and security in our bodies, which helps to regulate the nervous system and bring us back in a state of balance.

Afterall, in many ancient traditions, this would be a daily routine for our ancestors. So, why shouldn’t it become our routine (if the gym doesn’t do it for you, maybe nature will). Working out or grounding in nature has become an increasing popular as more people learn about the benefits, so could rewilding be the new practice to help your mental and physical wellbeing?




Danielle Timms

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Guide and Podcast Host.