why busy people get more done

5 reasons why busy people get more done

Busy people get more done. Here are five reasons why. By Neil Patel

When I tell people how many books, projects and campaigns I’m working on simultaneously, some of them wonder how I manage. So I thought about it in the shower (where I do my best thinking!).

Below are five reasons why I believe that busy people get more done. See you if you agree.

1. Speed

We do things faster than most because we haven’t got time to waste! Agreed? Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean we’re rushing or absent-minded. It just means we are processing, deciding and moving our concentration quicker than most people.

2. Selective

We can’t do everything we want to do. We don’t do anything that has no purpose, goal or reason (during our ‘working hours’ at least). When you have time, you dabble. You try. You experiment too much. You pursue things which you know, at the back of your mind, are probably not going to work. When you are already busy, you throw 90% of that in the bin. In other words, you prioritise better.

3. Social Media

We don’t have time to flick endlessly through social media feeds.

4. Stress

When we are busy, we tend to hit what I call ‘positive stress’.

Stress is good! (It’s too much stress that is bad for us.) The stalk of an orange works because it’s under perfect stress; it snaps just when the orange is ripe. The sound of a guitar string works because of perfect tension. Perfect stress is useful!

5. Concentration

Having the right amount of pressure forces you to block out noise.

Builders outside your flat may ordinarily trouble you, but when you are busy, you can’t afford to get irritated. A crying baby, TV and even people talking around you can all become white noise when you have no energy or time to spare.

How amazing is your mind!

So, next time you become anxious that you’re busy — and feel a bit overwhelmed, remember how brilliant you are too. You’re quick, you can prioritise, you don’t waste any time and you have laser-like focus. Exhale, smile and carry on.

Share this with another busy person you know. So they know how incredible they are too.

Any other ways that being busy makes you effective? Does it make you avoid answering the phone to that person who just wants to talk nonsense for an hour? (I know, you’ll call them back.) Imagine the opposite. If you didn’t have much to occupy you, would you be half the person you are today?


Neil Patel

Neil Patel comes from a long family linage of yogis. He has run Chi Kri Yoga in London for the last 31 years.