3 Easy Steps to Activate Intentions

3 Easy Steps to Activate Intentions

Discover an easy intention activation practice using affirming words and Akasha Mudra to infuse energy and focus into your daily life - By Alison Denicola

Reading time: 4 minutes

As a student of eastern practices such as yoga and meditation, I was taught early on to become aware of the power of intentions. In fact, we all generally know that thoughts- good and bad- can truly create our reality.

As both a yogi and inspirational writer, having a clear intention has become a key factor in every area of my own personal development. A defined intention brings clarity and focus to directing both the energy needed to create and the actions necessary to do so. I have been working with intention for different reasons- sometimes to combat a negative thought that just won’t quit. More often, to empower my purpose and set the course ahead.

When you hit the mat, you may be prompted by your inner voice or the teacher to set your intention. This can  be a mindful time for reflecting on what exactly you need in the moment. Intention prompts can direct us to focus inward and really listen to the voice of the heart. What is vital to know is that working with intention is not limited to our yoga or meditation practice. It is the path to redirect the powerful mind on and off the mat.

I've had students ask "How can we infuse our intentions with more energy and purpose"?

I have created a simple intention activating practice which uses just one to three words. Like a mantra or power phrase you can easily call your words to mind and infuse their energy into everything you do.

Intention Activation Practice

  1. Take time to reflect on feelings and thoughts that arise. Once you get clarity on your intention, see if you can refine your thoughts into one to three affirming, positive words. My words for a recent project are expanded, creative and free.

Find your one, two or three words……

(hint- It can help to jot them down)

  1. To anchor your intention, place your hands in Akasha Mudra (thumb touches middle finger- palms face up) As you chant/repeat each of your words, press the tips of middle fingers into the tips of the thumbs, pausing in between for a breath. The thumb represents the fire element or activation, the middle finger represents the space element or higher potential. You can do the practice silently in your mind if needed, but it has more power and resonance in the universe if you say or sing the words out loud.
  2. Do this morning and evening or as fits into your routine/practice. Start with 3 minutes and steadily increase. Notice the shift that you can create over time focusing thoughts and energy in this very intentional way.

Use this practice as often as needed to consistently align your entire being with your intentions and the somatic activation of the words. What you feel in the body is just as important as what you declare out loud. Picture yourself really embodying each of your intentional words and then experiencing those intentions in real time.

The present is new chapter, a blank canvas for creating what we desire. Consistently holding a higher vision for your personal intentions will revitalize your soul and help you cultivate a life with purpose. Akasha Mudra is the mudra for opening space element, the crown chakra and our connection to what is called the unified field of energy and potential.