Your Ideal Soul Plan

Your Ideal Soul Plan

Dream up your ideal soul plan, upgrade your self love plan - By Yessica Saez

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Reflect on your values.  What is important to you in life?  What exactly do you believe in?

 What are your beliefs?  Are you in alignment with what you value and believe in?

What are you passionate about?  What do you enjoy doing?  When you start to ask yourself these questions, you become aware of what you are here to do. Purpose. 

Those interests that you were told once they would lead to nothing are only part of it.  Recognize what they are and then begin to experiment with them again, fall in love with having fun.  Life is about learning new things, until you find your thing, and then do that thing for the rest of this natural life. 

When others say no to me, it triggers me.  I didn’t understand why that was until I realized that I had a strong need for approval.  When you have a strong need for approval, we may experience feelings of hurt and rejection when others say no to us. 

We can easily fall into pleasing people. That's a trap.  We do not have to do everything to please others in order to be liked.  Who cares if they like you or not. Yet often times We may feel like we have to do everything to please others in order to be  accepted.

If you can relate, then you may suffer from low self esteem, like I did once.  When we have low self esteem, we don’t understand any of that.  Our limiting beliefs of not being worthy of love and respect, is real. Then hearing someone say no to us, is sort of like the confirmation of our unworthiness.

Having had negative experiences in the past, involving rejection, triggers us when someone says no.

What we need to remember is that it is okay for others to say no to us.  They have set boundaries and that’s their right to say no to something they have no desire to do, in addition to remembering that we cannot control how others react to us. 

 We can only control our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This may be a good time to identify triggers.  What’s triggering you? Why? Start to work on developing coping skills for dealing with them.  They may not exactly disappear but you can become responsive instead of reactive in the moment.


No triggers, no problems?  Not exactly, see we still have the challenge of negative thoughts and beliefs.  Check yourself, check the thought.  Is this true?  Is there any evidence to support it? And keep asking those get to the point questions with yourself.  Of course replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is the best option.

And since that’s not usually the case, practice self compassion for when you fall short, and realize that you aren’t perfect. and that’s okay. None of us are.  Be kind and understanding to yourself when you feel triggered.

Remember that it is okay to feel hurt or angry, but try not to dwell on your negative emotions.

What does your ideal life look like? Where would you live?  What would you do for a living? What kind of relationships would you have? Take some time to daydream about your ideal life and write down everything that comes to mind. We often can think of greener grass on the other side.

Create a vision board*.  A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams.  Whether it's a digital one or a physical board.  Design the life you want to live and go get it. Creating a vision board is as simple as collecting images from magazines, newspapers, words that represent this ideal life you want to create. Include quotes, affirmations and anything that makes you feel inspired!

Once you have a clear vision, start to set goals to make it a reality. Break down big goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

This will make them seem less daunting and more achievable. Trust me, I suffered from procrastination for a long time.  That’s why it took you so long to read this. (smile)

The most important piece is to not forget  to take action towards your goals.  Don't wait for things to happen to you.  Make a plan and start taking steps towards your ideal life today.

I encourage you to Be open-minded.  Don't limit yourself to the status quo.  Dream big and allow yourself to imagine anything you want,  in specifics. Things don’t always go according to plan, be prepared to make any necessary adjustments.

Lastly, Be patient. It takes time to achieve goals. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away.  Just keep taking action and you will eventually reach your destination.

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