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Yoga and aromatherapy - cardamon oil

The month of March sees us move towards spring. A new month, a new season, and new hope as things start to bloom and grow and the light increases.

A lovely essential oil to use this month to help embrace all these changes is cardamon oil (elettaria cardamomum). This sweet, warming oil is like a breath of fresh air and a lovely way to welcome in the new season as it stimulates the mind and heart and brings clarity and joy.

Try adding a couple of drops to a diffuser this month and then let the oil clear away winter and the past few months; allow yourself and your space to be filled with this clearing and uplifting aroma.

If you are still feeling the effects of winter, cardamon oil is a good oil to use to help shake off any sluggishness or any lingering coughs and colds. Add a couple of drops to a diffuser along with some eucalyptus and inhale the essential oils deeply. Allow them to help you clear your airways, clear away winter and help you breathe more easily.

Cardamon was often used as an anointing oil and is a good essential oil to use before any practice or meditation as it helps clear and quieten the mind and create a peaceful place. So, try using some this month to help bring you clarity, wisdom and the strength and optimism to fully embrace the springtime.

Avoid using if pregnant, breastfeeding or on young children.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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