Transform your Relationship with Money

Transform your Relationship with Money in 12 Simple Steps

A Holistic Financial Transformation: - Anna Chainska

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Here are the steps that will completely change your finances if applied consistently:


Step 1: Explore Your Money Story

Take a deep dive into your beliefs and attitudes about money. Reflect on the messages your parents instilled in you, the cultural influences you've absorbed, and how you perceive your own worth. Write it all down and observe the patterns within.


Step 2: Embrace Abundance Mentality

Challenge any scarcity mindset and negative thoughts about money. Instead, shift your perspective to see money as a tool that allows you to fully experience life. Affirm that you attract money effortlessly by doing what you love and offering valuable transformations.


Step 3: Master Your Finances

Become intimately familiar with your bank account, bills, and debts. Create a plan to manage and pay off your financial obligations. Remember, what you focus on expands, so give attention to your financial situation and take control.


Step 4: Determine Your Financial Needs

Calculate the amount of money required to cover your bills, debts, and other expenses. Be thorough, including even the smallest expenses like groceries and fuel.

Step 5: Define Your Financial Goals

Decide how much additional income you desire beyond your basic needs. Have a clear vision of what you will use this money for, as money needs purpose and flow to create abundance.



Step 6: Manifest Your Desired Amount

Speak affirmations like "I am easily receiving [desired amount] right now." Embrace the energy of a curious and wondrous child, believing that the manifestation is happening, even if you don't know the exact how.


Step 7: Build the Infrastructure for Success

Ensure that your business or financial endeavors have the necessary foundation to support your income goals. If you're calling in a specific amount, make sure your business is equipped to achieve it practically. Build your connections, visibility, and client base to align with your financial aspirations.


Step 8: Surrender to the Universe

Release control and trust that the Universe will send you soul clients who are ready to invest in your work. Let go of the specific how and focus on the bigger picture.


Step 9: Embrace Trust and Detach from Outcomes

Don't fixate on the timing or the exact process of manifestation. Trust that everything is falling into place. Take the necessary actions while maintaining complete trust that you will effortlessly receive your desired amount.


Step 10: Acknowledge Universal Support

Recognize that the Universe fully supports your desires in ways you may not comprehend. Remember that time is relative, and manifestation can occur instantly or over a longer period. Trust in divine timing.


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