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waldSPA Skincare

Austria’s leading nature hotel and eco-retreat, Naturhotel Forsthofgut in Leogang, has launched its own cosmetic line, waldSPA Skincare. Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s idyllic setting amid forest, mountains and open pasture, each product embodies the healing power of nature. Available in the Naturhotel Forsthofgut spas, shop and online, the waldSPA Skincare cleansers, toners and moisturisers are priced from £12 for a 90g bar of waldBEERE organic soap, to £111 for the anti-ageing waldSPA Hyaluron Serum or Oxygen moisturiser.
From £12

Period Pick Me Up Set

Period Pick Me Up Set

Period getting you down? We think we may have found the answer! Our periods give us a monthly reminder to take care of ourselves, rest and rebalance — so here’s the solution...this Period Pick Me Up set includes Moon Swings CBD and Oh My Flo Adaptogenic Tea, packed with herbs and botanicals and 100% caffeine-free. We love to unwind and enjoy this natural duo with a hot water bottle, our favourite box-set and a sweet treat.
From £32.59


Beebee & Leaf Reusable Wax Food Wraps

LeafWrap your food in joy! Beebee & Leaf make beautiful reusable wax food wraps that are great for the environment, reducing the need for plastic. The company started using beeswax on its products but has now developed its LeafWrap range made with vegan waxes and accredited by The Vegan Society. Its new Leaf Wrap collection is called Marrakesh, with beautiful Morrocan-inspired designs that evoke an exotic holiday feeling. Perfect for summertime yoga trips even if it’s just for a picnic in the park! Modern, plastic-free storage for a plant-based lifestyle.
From £10 (for 5 small wraps)


Sunday Company Calm Candle

Hand poured in Devon soy wax candle from The Sunday Company. The perfect gift to rebalance body and mind, with notes of lavender, jasmine, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang and frankincense. Choose a quiet corner and reset. 50 hours minimum burn time. Presented in a kraft tube and free gift wrapping available.


River Of Offerings Book

A stunning new book by American female yogi, Jennifer Prugh, the founder of Breathe Together Yoga in Northern California. River of Offerings: Twelve Journeys Following The Path Of The Ganges River (Mandala Earth) includes amazing photography and first-person accounts detailing a series of life-changing pilgrimages to spiritually significant locations along India’s most famous river. A visually compelling and beautiful journey from cover to cover, this book will be a cherished source of inspiration for years to come for any student of yoga.


Anahata Yoga Mat Bag Naga

This yoga mat bag has 100% recycled lining (from plastic bottles), side ventilation, a lengthwise zip closure, a large front cargo pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap — perfect for on-the-go yoga. Big enough for thick yoga mats and looks cool with its retro and environmentally-conscious design, the bag is also machine washable. Measures: 28” x 9”.


Hinoki & Sake Moisturiser

Late summer moisturiser, Hinoki & Sake, new from Steamcream. Made in Japan, this steam-infused moisturiser is ideal for the end of summer season, and includes fermented rice extract for smooth and hydrated skin. Perfect for taking care of beautiful you. Steamcream products are vegan and contain no artificial colouring, gluten, animal gelatin or dairy products. The limited edition aluminium tins are artfully designed, with a uniquely Japanese style; they’re also portable, environmentally-friendly and recyclable.


Earths Secret Calm Complex

A combination of ayurvedic favourites containing adaptogens and natural nootropics to help combat daily stress and improve focus. Contains a combination of five powerful botanicals including the award-winning herb KSM-66 Ashwagandha to naturally lower cortisol levels and promote balance in the body and mind. Coupled with Rhodiola Rosea, a nootropic designed to improve focus and mood, and Holy Basil (which is said to be like yoga with its relaxing and calming effect), these herbs work synergistically together to nurture mind, body and spirit.
From £45

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