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Hannah Campbell, 28, Composure Active, Twickenham (

My Yoga Biz - Hannah Campbell

Secret to making a living in yoga

People want to see the real you. Instead of hiding behind an email, show your face (even virtually). Don’t wait for an interview, put yourself out there and create the job of your dreams. Instead of waiting for openings, email the companies you aspire to work for and set up a meeting. Be assertive and be true to yourself. Nourish the garden! By that I mean keep coming back to weed out the things that are not working and water the things that are.


There is an abundance of opportunity out there so my number one tip is that it’s not a competition. In fact, the easiest way to reach more people is to team up with others. I’ve worked in various locations (pre-Covid) and always worked with a local physio or PT to share client bases. Likewise, through teaming up with local sports shops I’ve had business simply by leaving contact cards at the till. It depends on location, but if there’s a coffee hotspot with a notice board, I pin a bunch of cards up. You’ll be surprised how many people read these whilst they’re waiting for their flat white! When I’ve been in village locations, the local Facebook page has been helpful — in one location, I had a full class from one post! Focus on targeting the audience you actually want to teach. One thing I advise against is random flyers. Focus your energy on reaching out to connections you already have. You will attract the clients that are right for you now. Meaning, where you’re at in your personal yoga journey will be a magnet for drawing in clients who can resonate with your practice. Be authentic and you will receive authenticity too.

My Yoga Biz - Hannah Campbell

Self-care tips

I have to be honest, sometimes it’s my partner who can see I’m looking frazzled and in need of a hot bath and a podcast before I am. But a long soak with candles and Oprah’s Soul Sunday and I’m truly nourished.

One thing that is key: don’t give up your own practice. Even if it’s a monthly workshop with your favourite teacher, keep practicing what you preach.

Business coach

Having relied on my dad for lunchtime meetings for years, my business began to take a different direction and I needed some more niche coaching. I cannot recommend it enough. My mentor, Michael King, has helped me unlearn years of conditioning and reconnect to my confident, connected and compassionate self. Michael holds space beautifully, allowing you to see that you already have all the tools within to make your dreams reality!

Hardest lesson

Focus on what’s going well and allow that to flourish. Learn to let go of ideas that are getting no return and be brave enough to make changes that mean some of your clients may have to adapt too. Probably the most important thing is to set boundaries. You need your energy so as well as blocking your diary for holidays, have set working hours. I love the Elizabeth Gilbert quote: ”You wouldn’t let these people in your home, so don’t invite them into your inbox.” If you clock off at 8pm, don’t answer that message at 9.45pm before bed! You need both a physical and mental break from running your own business.

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Claudia Brown. Yoga Teacher. Writer. Cumbrian. Runner of amazing events and retreats.