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Journal Prompts to Heal your Inner Child

Exploring Inner Child Journal Prompts to Reconnect with Joy, Overcome Fears, and Reparent Yourself - By Yessica Saez

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Most of what we do today is rooted in past experiences.. Your childhood experiences have shaped who you are today.


Childhood past experiences refer to the events and relationships that occur in a 

These experiences can have a significant impact on a person's development, shaping their beliefs, behaviors, and emotional responses.

Many people are hurting today because of things that happened in their childhood. Even if you didn't experience trauma, everyone has an inner child that needs to be healed. 

These inner child journal* prompts are a thought-provoking way to learn more about your inner child and to begin your healing journey.

Our past experiences shape our present selves, whether we admit it to ourselves or not.  Inner child journal prompts can help us understand and heal our inner child, so we can live happier and healthier lives.


Here are 10 journal prompts that will help you heal your inner child:

  1. What was your favorite thing to do as a child? Write about a memory of yourself doing something you loved when you were younger. This can help you to reconnect with your inner child and remember what brings you joy.
  2. What did you need from your parents that you didn't get? It's important to acknowledge the needs that were not met in your childhood. This can help you to understand and process your emotions.
  3. What do you wish you could tell your younger self? Write a letter to your younger self offering them love, support, and guidance. This can help you to forgive yourself for any mistakes you made and to let go of any negative beliefs that you have about yourself.
  4. What is your inner child afraid of? Write about your fears and insecurities. This can help you to understand them better and to develop coping mechanisms.
  5. What does your inner child need from you now? Think about what your inner child needs in order to feel loved and supported. This could be anything from spending more time on hobbies that you enjoy to setting boundaries with people who are toxic in your life.
  6. Imagine your inner child as a real person. What would you say to them? Write a conversation between you and your inner child. This can help you to better understand their needs and to develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself.
  7. Create a safe space for your inner child. This could be a physical space in your home, or it could be a visualization that you create in your mind. This is a place where your inner child can go to feel safe and loved.
  8. Forgive your parents. It's important to forgive your parents for any mistakes they made in raising you. This doesn't mean that you have to forget what happened, but it does mean that you can let go of any anger or resentment that you have towards them.
  9. Reparent yourself. This means giving yourself the love and support that you needed as a child. This could involve things like setting boundaries, taking care of your physical and mental health, and pursuing your passions.
  10. Celebrate your inner child! Take some time each day to do something that makes your inner child happy. This could be anything from reading your favourite book to watching your favourite movie.

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing your inner child. By taking the time to write about your thoughts and feelings, you can gain insights into your childhood experiences and develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself. 

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