Build your own home meditation ‘fort’

For those seeking sanctuary and serenity right now, it’s time to build your own adult meditation ‘fort’ — using pillows, blankets, anything you can lay your hands on at home for some well-deserved peace. By Guinavere Elizabeth Long

It’s time to build an adult meditation ‘fort’ at home— I’ve always wanted to anyway!

The Covid-19 pandemic has now reached every state in the United States. It’s a  respiratory disease that doesn’t discriminate or care about borders.

This has brought with it fear, panic, uncertainty, anxiety, and stress. Fortunately, these are all common afflictions that can be reduced through the practice of meditation and yoga.

Stress issues related to the pandemic can wreak havoc on our health. However, utilising tools such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help us to fortify and relieve our minds during this difficult time.

There is power in creating a space with a specific purpose. Everyone being at home with limited places to go can foster a need to create a space of solitude for yourself and others you live with.

While there are no rules on how to create this space, it should feel separate from other areas — a meditative space to recharge and recalibrate ourselves. You don’t need an entire room: a corner or even a spacious closet will work.

Make your space comfortable and as secluded as possible. Do your best with what’s available, and get creative utilising chairs, cushions, blankets, a blow-up mattress, even a small camping tent.

People will often use lack of space as an excuse not to make it happen but in times like these we need the space more than ever…so, yes, you have permission to build your own adult fort like you’ve always wanted to!

Do whatever creates the right environment that you so much need right now.

This is a new creation of a sacred place in your home and should be free of visual clutter, if possible. Make sure your eyes can fall on a clean space that is aesthetically pleasing. Clutter can be unsettling visually and ultimately cause our mind to wander.

Soft or natural light and pleasant fragrances can also help to cultivate the space we are looking for. Music should be soft ands soothing, keeping in mind that you are creating a restorative space, so perhaps something instrumental.

And keep your phone away! I know it’s hard, but the whole idea is to keep the world out while you recharge and disconnect for a few minutes (or longer!).

Let family members be aware of the space and even put in place a ‘do not disturb’ policy; you will be in a better place to reconnect with the world when you come back — it’s ‘me time’ right now, for you to be present in that moment, in your created fortress.

Everyone should have a space — an adult fort — that heals their mind and soul, a place that’s devoted to peace and tranquility. You’re creating your own sanctuary in times when it may be hard to find any at home or elsewhere.

You may be surprised what the space brings for you.


Guinavere Long

A 200RYT certified yoga instructor, with a degree in Human Services Management, and 9 years of direct mental Health care