7 Keys to Shift Your Perspective from Darkness to Light

7 Keys to Shift Your Perspective from Darkness to Light

Embracing Light in a Divisive World - By Margaret Lepera

Reading time: 4 minutes

As our divisive world continues to loom large with waves of trauma and discord, how do we prevent darkness from pervading all we see? How do we assimilate daily shocks to our system without sinking into despair? I offer the following with my well wishes, to help you navigate such unsteady terrain.

1. Go within. Whatever is happening in the world outside of you, do find ways to rest within your own heart. Here’s one way: Breathe in and out deeply, imagining that you are breathing light through your heart itself. Visualize a pure white light resting there, then see it expand in six directions: above and below your heart, in front of you and behind you, and from side to side.

Let it expand as far as your imagination will take you – there are no boundaries. Then, bring your awareness to three things that make you feel safe, protected, and loved. Feel gratitude for them, letting thankfulness fill your deep heart space. Other calming heart practices include coming into heart-rhythm sync with a pet, seeing a loved one’s face, and feeling the generative energy of plants surrounding you.

2. Be mindful. Mindfulness is being consciously aware of the present moment, paying attention to details of the experience, without judgment of what you see. If, for example, you observe the breakfast dishes in your sink, don’t think of them in terms of the “stories” around the dishes, or even the breakfast you had 15 minutes prior.

Simply see the shapes and colors, textures, and sensations of them, viewing them anew, much like a baby does moment by moment. Feel the water on your hands as you wash them. You’ll find these moments, accessed mindfully, are full of possibility. Beyond mere habit, they can become small openings, filled with grace. In these moments we can access our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a better world, then consciously advance toward what we see with renewed energy.

3. Remain gentle. If you find yourself a bit jumpy and distracted, or very anxious among others, it’s understandable. After all, when there’s so much tumult in the world, it can make us feel like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. Simply make a commitment to take an extra breath, and a little extra time, gently, to do your daily tasks. Now is certainly the time for self-compassion, and to be a little nicer to ourselves and others. I was touched by a small boy in the supermarket the other day who dropped a package of popcorn near the checkout line, and without any prompting, just picked it up and put it back with care. This little hero made my day.

4. See the transitory nature of things. Yes, “this too shall pass.” I try to remember that each moment is a gift, with all its inherent hardships. Even this one. One day we will look back with richer understandings, as a result of what’s going on now, as will our children and grandchildren. We have choices to make. Like all dark storms, I choose to see the waves of crises as providing direction for what’s next. What can we learn to cultivate within ourselves and our own natures now, that, in the seasons to come, will bear fruit? Even the smallest seed planted today, though it may not seem like much, can cause a ripple effect. I choose to see that, and trust that it will. It always has.

5. See beauty. Beyond what’s happening in the world at large, take moments to appreciate. I see the golden sun today, and feel lifted by its light. For moments, I listen to Bach, and the discord of the moment rises to another plane, and dissipates. When I meditate, I still feel joy in my heart, knowing that all is well within and upon the “groundless ground.” Access higher states now, whenever you can. They will fill you up.

6. Welcome evolution. Like birth that begins with painful labor, like inventions that were years in the making, suddenly out of the blue, something wondrous happens. Sometimes, on their own, in spite of our bumbling efforts to get it right. The wind nudges us in the right direction, inspiration comes, and if we get out of our own way, right action comes to us. Each moment we move through our day, we can either dwell in despair, or shine up our world with as much love we can muster.

7. Shine your light. If you don’t know where to find it, the first action is to look. In your heart, in your gut, with conscious awareness, what is this moment calling you to do? What do you want to say? The angels of our better natures are coming to the fore now, in answer to the darkness we see. So shine. Live this day fully. Tomorrow will rise to meet us in our collective light.

Margaret Lepera

Certified Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master/Teacher. Margaret is also a holistic health writer and founder of The Intuitive Gesture coaching.