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3 Tips to Help You Feel Confident

If you struggle with self-confidence, these tips can help boost your confidence to the next level - By Rita Hurry

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Many people all over the globe lack confidence in life. Sometimes it's due to a particular area in their life, other times it is due to deeper emotions and past experiences. No one is ever 100% completely immune to bouts of lack of confidence.

So, here are some tips to help you when you feel that confidence disappearing and need a boost.

Tip 1 - Remember You Are Not Alone

As mentioned earlier, lack of confidence affects us all, no matter where you are based in the world. So with that being said, know that the feeling you are feeling right now, as been experienced by many others just like you. No one is out to judge you and you are not less of a person for feeling this way. You are just having a moment. So, don't judge yourself harshly or think you are weak because of this.

Whatever, the situation, focus on the end goal that you want to achieve in this moment and take the focus off yourself and how you are feeling and focus on the outcome you want only. This will keep your mind focused on the activity and not the feeling behind it.

Tip 2 - Breathe and Stand Tall

Your posture plays a big part in changing your state of feeling. When we feel negative and emotional, we tend to slouch more and breathe heavy. This only increases the feeling of anxiety and lack of confidence and keeps the energy around you stagnant.

When you stand tall, with your shoulders back and your head up, it increases the flow of energy and surprisingly helps you to change the feeling you are experiencing and feel more assertive. Also, by changing the way you breathe, this helps to slow down the overactive negative thoughts in your head and enables you to take back your control of yourself, slow the thoughts down and gain the clarity you need to transition from feeling fearful and down, to standing tall and making your presence known.

You will be amazed at how these 2 parts work so well separately and together at helping you when you feel that lack of confidence emotion begin to sweep over you.

Tip 3 - Get Active

Bringing daily exercise into your life is a great asset in helping you combat the feeling of no confidence. Getting the body moving and having a focus on the exercise you are doing in that moment, helps increase brain activity and oxygen to the brain, which is a great stimulant for endorphins.

Physical Activity is a form of active meditation. Yes, meditation does not have to be just sitting still and breathing. Meditation can also be active.

Meditation is getting you in the zone of focusing out of the external day to day activities and moving inward to that place of stillness and flow. With active meditation, you are zoning out of the external day to day activities and situations and allowing yourself, in that moment to just focus on what you are doing in that moment. So this can be walking, exercising, playing a sport or even watching a sport live.

When you get the body moving and the mind zoned out of the daily situations, this again will help to increase your confidence and take the focus off any judgements, that often come up for you when you feel low on confidence.

You will be amazed at how regular exercise will build you up as a confident person.

These are just a few of the tips to help you in building your confidence. The key point to remember here, is that everybody has moments of low confidence. It can never be totally eliminated, but it can be managed.

Rita Hurry

Rita is a certified Life Coach, Award-Winning Law Of Attraction Coach and Deepak Chopra certified Meditation Teacher.