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Meditation for Children

A simple home meditation practice for children caught up in the cycle of stress brought about by endless lockdowns. By Emma West Last year was...

10 reasons to try SUP Yoga

Summer is here, so it's time to try Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. By Lorna Chapman Calling all yoga water babies! Have you ever thought about...

Together We Stand

A poem by Vanessa Heerasing If you remove your belongings If you remove your wealth Strip back to you standing with nothing on your back,...

Active Yoga

Lotus Lift – Kyle Gray

Lotus Lift Kyle Gray


Heron Pose

Special Report

Calm Clinic

The Calm Clinic

Special Report – The Calm Clinic Finding calm in 2021 might be the greatest challenge of all,…

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The Art of Happiness

Special Report – The Art of Happiness It’s time to find your happy. Read on for ideas…

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