Diane Ashfield


Diane Ashfield

Diane Ashfield (aka Yoga With Dash) is a British Wheel of Yoga instructor, teaching in the London Borough of Bromley.

A Fish Called Matsyendra

Serpentine Flush

Woman Smiling While Holding a Yoga Mat

Making waves with Varuna Mudra

Goodness Gracious – Bhadrasana pose

Killer yoga

To infinity and beyond: Anantasana


Enjoy the journey

Memory, I salute you

Why does child’s pose feel so good?

Child's pose

You cannot be serious!

Yoga safari

A helping hand: exploring Ganesh Mudra

Take me out

Flower power

Uttanasana: the ultimate blues-busting asana

Look into the light – Trataka and Ceromancy

Trataka and Ceromancy

New discoveries

I see a shadow

Pain in the Asana