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December moves us into the season of Winter and a month of celebrations and festivities. To bring some much-needed warmth and spice to this month use some nutmeg oil (myristica fragrans).
Nutmeg is a wonderful winter-warming spice that is used in plentiful supply in festive cooking. Yet the essential oil also has a lovely sweet aroma that helps to calm and bring clarity to body and mind, so it’s invaluable to have around this busy month. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water, add just a couple of drops of nutmeg oil and then spray around the home or studio to create a calming environment. Nutmeg oil also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties so will help purify and freshen your space as well.
Known as Atiphala in ayurveda, nutmeg is an essential part of any spice kit and has been long used for its natural pain-relieving qualities. The essential oil is much stronger and more concentrated so should be used sparingly, but just a couple of drops on a warm, damp compress can provide much relief for aching or sore muscles. Alternatively, one drop mixed in some olive oil can then be massaged into swollen or inflamed areas to help reduce swelling and provide additional pain relief.
If consumed or inhaled in large amounts nutmeg oil can be toxic and cause nausea, so always use sparingly and always dilute well in a carrier oil. Do not use if pregnant or if you have epilepsy.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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