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The Great Outdoors

Take your yoga practice outside this summer for a double health boost, where you can stretch away as you soak up the splendour of Mother Nature all around

Imagine the healing powers of nature and the amazing therapeutic, life-affirming benefits of yoga combines – what a powerful double act! This summer, you can have it all, simply take your practice out into the big wide world.

And we don't just mean land-based practices either. You can get your yoga fix anywhere, from the deep blue sea to the dizzying heights of London's iconic O2 venue. Yoga is such an adaptable, versatile and portable practice that it suits almost any occasion, even if it's just a few mindful breaths, or simple stretches. Summer yoga festivals are a great place to get your outdoor fix and have some fun, whilst keeping your practice going. If that appeals, then the OM & Bass Festival could be just what you need.

Maybe you're a water baby and need to feel that connection with the sea. There are so many ways you can experience that aquatic magic, from pool-based classes to the challenges of SUP Yoga. Or go on the adventure of a lifetime with a unique sailing and yoga holiday on the high seas, where you'll find the wind in your hair and breathe the saltwater air as you get your stretch on.

For those with a head for heights, rooftop terrace classes abound in the big cities during the summer months. Check out the O2 charity yoga classes held in May for some panoramic inspiration.

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