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Sometimes it feels like a tough gig being a yoga teacher, right?

It’s one thing knowing how to teach yoga, and another entirely different thing knowing how to make a liveable income from teaching yoga.

I’ve been teaching for 18 years and in business with myself for 12, and what I see a ton of teachers doing is:

  1. a) treating their business like a hobby and
    b) winging it without any strategy or plan

    I get it. I made these mistakes too (and then some).

    It can feel frustrating trying to work it all out on your own. But running a business is a lot like learning to drive. You just need someone to show you how it’s done.

    I’ve been where you are. I started my biz with no business plan, no marketing strategy and zero idea of what the hell I was doing. I just made things up as I went along.

    But you don’t have to do the same.

    I’d love to share with you all of my personal strategies for creating a sustainable and profit generating yoga business, so you don’t have to commit the same rookie mistakes I did.

    If you’d love to go from “how the hell am I going to make a living from teaching,"to having a clear strategy that will catapult you into the next level of your business and build your confidence, then grab my online self-study course which will guide you through some of the most important advice you'll need to know if you want to set up your own business or improve your current business. Guaranteed!