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Wellness with Sarah & Friends is a brand-new well-being platform created by a collaboration of expert wellness teachers, coaches and practitioners. Together we have created an online platform that offers on-demand classes and courses that share beautiful ways to thrive and flourish both physically and mentally. This platform offers you guidance in self-care in convenient ways that can fit into your busy schedules no matter where you are in the World.

As an Om Subscriber please enjoy this gift of a free months membership and experience wellness on demand!

What to look forward to:

Great Value: A monthly membership costs the same as one drop-in class
• Connect with wellness practitioners and expert teachers
Convenience and Accessibility: Access wellness resources anytime and anywhere, making it easier to incorporate wellness activities into your daily routines.
Variety of resources: Enjoy a wide range of wellness content, including exercise routines, meditation guides, nutrition advice, mental health support, and much more.
Fresh content every week: We create new classes each week and will always be inviting new collaborators to join us to grow our lovely online community.

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