10% off topical vitamin patches with PatchWorks

10% off topical vitamin patches with PatchWorks
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Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to wear your vitamins instead of swallowing them?

(The answer is, yes!)

Why use vitamin patches?

1. They’re easy
Just pop on a patch in the morning, or before bed and take off about 8 hours later. If you’ve got kids, patches are much easier than trying to get them to swallow pills.

2. Slow release
Nutrients are drip fed into your system which is easier for your body to use, compared to one large oral dose.

3. Topical delivery
Nutrients are delivered more directly into your bloodstream (where they’re needed) via the skin compared to an oral supplement’s more indirect route via the stomach and liver.

4. They’re small
Much more compact and lightweight compared to bulky pill bottles, they’re easier to; store, travel with and better for the environment when transported.

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