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Angela Orora Medway-Smith, The Practical Mystic, is a Welsh spiritual channel and teacher, master healer, coach, and retreat producer.

She believes we all have the ability to transform, to ‘be the butterfly’, raise our vibration, awaken our innate sovereign self, thrive and follow our soul’s path with ease and grace.

Angela works with the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters to awaken humanity to the potential of transformation using the Divine Rays and Sacred Flames.

She has published two channelled  books, The Book of Many Colours: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose With The Divine Rays and The Book of Many Flames: Everyday Alchemy Using Esoteric Energy and is also co-author of four #1 International Amazon Best Sellers.

Her seventh book, The Energy Healer’s Oracle: Tools for Total Transformation, an international collaboration with other high vibrational channels and healers is due to launch on 6/6/23.

Angela offers spiritual consultations, coaching, mentoring, retreats, healing, healer, and intuitive development training worldwide.

When she’s not supporting others, or with her family, you can usually find Angela by water, walking along the banks of the Thames which flows near her London home, or along the beach close to her home town in Wales.

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