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Emma Vasquez, 25, The Yoga Studio Carlisle, studio owner, and director of Ashtanga Yoga Carlisle (

Emma Vasquez

Top marketing tips

Simple but very important: be authentic and true to yourself. What you put on social media should be a reflection of what your classes and teachings are like. Let social media reflect you and you’ll never have a problem using it. So if you stay true to who you really are, marketing is easy and becomes enjoyable. A trick would be to always use fresh and up-to-date images that are clear. If you use the same pic all the time it’s repetitive and sparks no interest. People scroll through social media all the time so keep it interesting and updated.

Social media

I have my own personal social media (@ashtanga_yoga_carlisle) and then my studio one (@theyogastudiocarlisle). I use it as a journal for my own Ashtanga practice and to promote things that are happening at my yoga studio. My advice is to not mix the two, otherwise it appears a little messy. I post regularly, twice a day, and don’t use the same pictures to promote. When done properly social media is an amazing way to connect to yogis worldwide. It’s not always about posting what you have on offer, show social media the real you, show your practice and your dedication, and watch what happens.

Your niche

My niche is Ashtanga. I chose it because I love the dedication and discipline it brings. I am fiery, outspoken and high energy so Ashtanga fits me really well. I’ve studied and practiced it for a long time and I love breaking down the practice for my students. I’m very passionate about it and that gets passed on to my students. I teach it functionally and I have students who travel from all over Cumbria to attend the Mysore classes. I’m very lucky.

Emma Vasquez
Emma Vasquez

Secret to making a living teaching yoga

I never had any plans to teach for a living, and now I own one of the top yoga studios in the UK, lead and teach a 200 hour YTT and direct Cumbria’s Mysore programme. I don’t think I have a ‘secret’, I just kept teaching because I truly love it. My heart goes into my practice and my classes and I honestly think that’s what’s carried me so far. It’s possible to make a living from yoga if your end goal isn’t purely business orientated and you’re doing it from your heart. It all shows in your energy. Believe that you can create a life filled with abundance and it’ll manifest all on its own.


I hear this a lot as I dedicate a huge chunk of my daily time and energy to my students and my studio. From hours spent with admin and social media posting to staying half an hour later after class to chat to students. My self-care is relaxing at home with my amazing partner and walking our dogs, making sure I take time myself to disconnect and I always make time for my practice.

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