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Mandala Yoga Ashram

The real deal: authentic yoga teachings, live and online, beamed direct into your home to deepen understanding and support your journey

Mandala Yoga Ashram is world renowned for its residential courses based on the authentic teachings of yoga, advaita and tantra. Over the last three years it has also developed its ‘Ashram Sangha’ which offers these timeless teachings online — both in live and pre[1]recorded formats.

What’s great about it?

The Ashram Sangha is the platform’s way of making the teachings and spiritual life of the Ashram as accessible as possible to anyone, anywhere in the world. The aim is to be there for those who aspire to deepen their yoga and meditation practice with ther like-minded individuals.

The Ashram Sangha is for those who have some previous experience of yoga or meditation and feel a calling to go deeper, beyond the weekly yoga class model.

The purpose of the Sangha is threefold:

Deepening: Ashram teachings focus on aspects of yoga which are often not covered in a weekly class and are offered to those who wish to deepen their understanding of who and what they are essentially.

Renewing: An opportunity to renew and refresh your practice and aspirations. This is potentially of great value to yoga teachers who, whilst offering so much to others, may often struggle to find inspiration and nourishment for their own practice.

Belonging: A way to connect with and feel supported by like-minded practitioners.

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"The Ashram Sangha is the platform’s way of making the teachings and spiritual life of the Ashram as accessible as possible to anyone, anywhere in the world.”

What content can people expect?

Members receive:

  • Weekly one-hour live teaching session.
  • Monthly three-hour live mini retreat session.
  • Pre-recorded downloadable meditations and morning chants.

All live sessions are recorded and available for four weeks so students never need miss out on anything.


Members can interact with each other and Ashram teachers through the Kajabi platform, which hosts the website and all Sangha offerings, by leaving comments or questions on practice sessions. They can also join a private Facebook group for more direct communication with each other.


£25 a month, or a one-off payment of £240 for a one-year membership.

Free stuff

There is a 14-day free trial to the Sangha. There is also a Free Resource Library containing a wealth of Ashram teachings and practices from the traditions of yoga, advaita and tantra, available to all.

3 reasons to sign up

  1. Traditional yoga teaching accessible from your own home, given by a variety of experienced and inspirational teachers.
  2. Regular inspiration to develop/ deepen your own practice and understanding.
  3. Access to a community of like[1]minded individuals to share your experiences with, make new friends and support each other.

Sign up now

For further information and to join visit:


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