• Chamatkarasana stretches the chest, shoulders and throat, as well as the hip flexors and front legs.
• The pose builds strength in the arms, shoulders, and upper back.
• It improves blood circulation in the lungs and chest, which has an uplifting effect and can help with fatigue.
• Stimulates your mind, increases focus and improves self-confidence.
• Opens up the heart centre, which increases love, peace and acceptance.


One of the most common mistakes in Chamatkarasana is that you put too much weight on your hand and there is almost no weight on your leg. Instead, distribute the weight more evenly. Make sure to push the inner edge of the foot down, don’t try to balance on just the outer edge of the foot.


Before going into this pose, it’s very important you are warmed up and listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, please take it easy or move out of the pose slowly. For beginners, instead of going into the pose from downward dog, it is easier to enter the pose from a side plank, bringing the top leg behind you and pushing into the bottom hand to arch the back.


• Physical awareness in the shoulder twists and back muscles; make sure the back muscles are engaged.
• Spiritual awareness is in the heart centre, Anahata chakra.


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